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  1. SiWhite

  2. SiWhite

    Sold Rucksacks and a few items of clothing...

    Kretian - I believe that Tiley sold it last week...
  3. SiWhite

    Heads Up - Jetboil Stove Clone £20

    I stumbled across this deal today - £20 plus postage for a Jetboil-type stove.
  4. SiWhite

    Sold Rucksacks and a few items of clothing...

    I'm staggered that the Qui-Ya hasn't sold - the recon belt that it comes with are £100 new on their own. Proper bargain for someone there...
  5. SiWhite

    Sold Rucksacks and a few items of clothing...

    PM sent re Umlindi and Windcheater
  6. SiWhite

    It's elderflower season!

    Nice to see you back BR - I'm one of your YT subscribers. Nice vids!
  7. SiWhite

    English Country Life YouTube channel

    Oh, lovely news. Thanks for the link...
  8. SiWhite

    Withdrawn Camelbak Trizip

    Quite tempted by this - I'll mull it over this afternoon...
  9. SiWhite

    So I left a 3D printed matchbox under water for 3 months...

    Hammock Man and Stew - I’ve just stumbled across this thread. I have a 3D Printer at home which I really love using - it’s a budget machine but I’ve upgraded it fairly comprehensively and the quality is good. I regularly take orders from friends and family in exchange for contributions to my...
  10. SiWhite

    Heads up - trousers bargain

    Good heads up Broch - my current work trousers are covered in caulk and silicone from our renovation, and these are a better colour for trips out into the woods! Did you find the sizes accurate?
  11. SiWhite

    What did you buy today?

    Could you let us know your thoughts? I have a good deal of HPG and am eying up the Windcheater to replace my Chinese clone version. Did you buy it direct or from a UK supplier?
  12. SiWhite

    Bivvy recommendation

    Either a military surplus bag or an Alpkit Hunka - I have both!
  13. SiWhite

    Modification to a Zeltbahn shelter half

    Looks like a really nice setup - I'd not heard of the system before, and it might be great for local nights away. Would it be possible for a quick sketch / schematic of the modifications you've done? Perhaps a plan view with the shelter laid out flat?
  14. SiWhite

    Video Editor

    iMovie here, but you have to be on Mac...
  15. SiWhite

    Our Log Home

    Looks like a lovely spot Brusher. I like the design of the raised beds - the wriggly tin looks really good! Where in the New Forest are you? I’m a frequent visitor as my parents have a weekend house in Lymington....
  16. SiWhite

    Sanded finish spoons advice

    I’ve made a butter before which worked well - two parts pure mineral oil to one part beeswax. All available from Ebay, and made in a Bain Marie. A little goes a long way!
  17. SiWhite

    Lixada wood gas stove

    Nice vid nobby - thanks for sharing your thoughts...
  18. SiWhite

    GB Finished DD Hammocks group buy 2018.

    1. Barney Rubble, DD Tarp M, Coyote Brown pls 2. Broch - 2 off DD Underblankets please 3. SiWhite - 3x3 tarp (coyote) and superlight hammock (green) 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  19. SiWhite

    Are you making any plans for the Snow?

    Well, our planned holiday is the first casualty of the snow. I’d hoped that the weather would be clear until lunchtime, giving us a window to make it to Devon, but it’s been snowing fairly hard for most of the night and still coming down. I’ve decided not to risk the journey - a pregnant wife, a...
  20. SiWhite

    Are you making any plans for the Snow?

    There seems to be a good dump of snow coming over the next 36 hours, in addition to what may already be laying in your area. We've had a dusting, but there is no snow to speak of in our bit of the South. I was not surprised to hear of empty supermarket shelves in some parts - do people not have...