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  1. Dogoak

    Tick / Lyme app launched

    A new app for recording ticks and Lyme disease has been launched........
  2. Dogoak

    For Sale Swedish M59 Parka, XL/XXL, mint

    Possibly a bit early in the year for moving this on but I'm in the middle of a life changing situation so it's got to go. A Swedish M59 parka, the cotton canvas type, complete with button in pile liner, size C52 (130cm/51inchs). Mint used condition, which is why I purchased it. Great versatile...
  3. Dogoak

    For Sale Snugpak Response & Peli case

    A Snugpak Response Pack, black, brand new, never used. £14 please, that includes UK delivery and fees. A Pelicase 1010, good used condition. £15 please, that includes UK delivery and fees. £26 If anyone wants the two together. Thanks for looking, any questions please PM me.
  4. Dogoak

    For Sale Kookaburra green leather bush hat, S

    A nice green suede leather Kookaburra bush hat, size small, (approx. 52.5cm), VGC, only worn a couple of times, sons head has grown! Has a wired brim so you can create your prefered shape. £20 including UK delivery and fees!
  5. Dogoak

    For Sale Scottish red deer antlers / Reindeer skin

    Over the years I've accumulated a lot of stuff, I'm now reorganising my life and stuff has to sadly go! A couple of very nice Scottish red deer antlers.......... Not your straight forward postal items! £48 for the two, including UK delivery and fees. SOLD A reindeer skin, nice pelt...
  6. Dogoak

    Withdrawn Aigle jacket

    WITHDRAWN Aigle jacket, size M.
  7. Dogoak

    Sold Red deer antler

    NOW SOLD Scottish red deer antler, 1 complete, measuring approx. 59cm long, measured in a straight line from base of crown to tip, 69.5cm along the curve. 1 piece, approx. 31cm long. NOW SOLD, that includes UK delivery and fees.
  8. Dogoak

    Sold Raichle GoreTex boots UK 7

    A used pair of Raichle GoreTex walking boots, UK 7. Used condition, wear to the left rear & front loops and a nick at the top where the inner meets the outer (think it was kitten damage). The soles are good with plenty of life left in them. Basically a used pair of quality boots that should last...
  9. Dogoak

    Withdrawn Quicksilver Parka

    Withdrawn. Quicksilver parka Thanks for looking.
  10. Dogoak

    Sold 100% wool blankets

    After inheriting a number of blankets some time ago I'm finally admitting I'm not going to use them all, these are for the cull. A nice pair of vintage Erne green wool blankets, 100% Pure Wool and mothproofed. One measures approx. 182cm X 223cm, the other 154cm X 205cm. Good used condition, some...
  11. Dogoak

    For Sale Eka folding fillet knife & steel

    A nice boxed set from Eka consisting of a folding fillet knife and a small sharpening steel with removable handle. The knives are no longer on the Eka website so possibly discontinued and I have never seen this set with the take down steel anywhere. A great packable bushcraft companion with a...
  12. Dogoak

    Sold RN issue clasp knife

    SOLD A nice Rodgers, Sheffield, Royal Navy issue clasp knife and lanyard. Knife blade (8.2cm overall) Marlin spike, screwdriver and lanyard loop. Marked 489/l\. Very good used condition, some age related marks as would be expected, very, very solid with no play. SOLD that includes UK...
  13. Dogoak

    For Sale OS flat sheet poster maps, wallpaper

    I've got a limited quantity of left over OS flat sheet poster maps, 1:50 000, ideal for unique outdoorsy wallpaper. They each measure approximately 89cm X 100cm. X 5 Tobermory, sheet no. 47 X 5 Oban & East Mull, sheet no. 49 X 6 Pentland Forth, sheet no. 7 X 4 Stonehaven, sheet no. 45 X 1...
  14. Dogoak

    Sold Carhartt plaid shirt XXL

    On offer is a nice Carharrt brown plaid flannel shirt, XXL. It measures approximately 27inches armpit to armpit, 19 inches armpit to cuff, 32 inches base of collar to hem. Normal Carharrt quality and in good used condition, no rips or tears. £20 please, that includes UK postage and fees.
  15. Dogoak

    For Sale Issue woolly pully jumper size 1 childrens

    A genuine issue woolly pully jumper, size 1, cadet size. Fits approx age 10-11 IIRC. Without any stretching it measures approximately 35 cm armpit to armpit, 46cm armpit to cuff (not rolled back), 51.5cm base of collar to hem. There's a fair bit of stretch in the width, less so in the length...
  16. Dogoak

    For Sale Field jacket, DPM S95, Ripstop, VVGC

    A nice S95 Jacket, DPM, Field, ripstop, size 190cm high, 112cm chest. Generously sized to allow for layering (Approx. 27 inches armpit to armpit when fastened). Excellent condition, absolute max of 4 hours use, otherwise it has been stored rolled up, no faults at all. £20 including fees...
  17. Dogoak

    For Sale Large heavy blanket

    A nice vintage heavy wool blanket (not sure of the wool content, but if it is mixed the wool's pretty high). Approx. 270cm X 240cm. Good used condition, here are some minor cosmetic marks from use, ripe for dying, unless your JF :) £20 please, that's including UK delivery and fees. Thanks...
  18. Dogoak

    Sold Ben Orford crook knife, r/h, NEW

    SOLD Available is a lovely Ben Orford crook knife, right handed. This is brand new, never been used (doubled up gift). I think these are circa £50 shipped from Ben. SOLD please, including UK delivery and fees. You must be over 18 years old to purchase this, please be able to provide...
  19. Dogoak

    Withdrawn Powder / drinking horn

    Withdrawn. A lovely powder horn / drinking horn.
  20. Dogoak

    For Sale Paraffin stoves & bits spares repair

    For the vintage stove lovers here's a Primus No.5 and a Monitor. Burmos windshield and a Cooking ring for the No.5. The Monitor is as pictured with only 2 supports. The No. 5 has got a vintage soldered repair by the filler. Sold as spares/repairs. I'd rather these were put back to use or...