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  1. Thoth

    Outdoor Toileting Best Practice

    Does anyone have any links to reliable online advice on how to **** in the woods? I recently contacted Explorers Connect, who promote Wild Night Out to point out that they had no advice on this subject on thier website and that I thought that...
  2. Thoth

    Weird bird call, not!

    I've been in local woodland recently wondering what the prominent bird call I didn't recognise was. On my walk out l spotted the source; it was the mating call of the grey squirrel! :-D There are some clips with sound on YouTube if you want to hear it for yourselves. I had no idea they made such...
  3. Thoth

    Heads Up - Light weight one man tent on offer

    Wild Country Tents Zephyros 1man tent is on offer at Cotswold Outdoor. I've no connection to the vendor etc. I just noticed the promotion and know folks here are often on the lookout for lightweight tents.
  4. Thoth

    Lucozade BodyFuel Powder Sachets

    Does anyone know anywhere I can get hold of any Lucozade BodyFuel Powder Sachets? I used to buy boxes of the orange flavour to take out with me, especially in summer, but I can't find anyone selling them anymore. I know I could buy a tub and measure it out into smaller quantities but the sachets...
  5. Thoth

    Waterproofing leather Barmah hat?

    My old-ish once waterproof Barmah hat needs reproofing. In the past I've tried nikwax but it never lasts long. Anyone got any good suggestions?
  6. Thoth

    Cooking without a pot: which leaves to use?

    I know about using Burdock and Giant Water Dock to wrap up parcels of food to be cooked in the embers but what other leaves are a good size and safe to use? No foil please! :-D
  7. Thoth

    Millbank Bag Heads-up

    Folks here are often on the lookout for millbank bags. I notice that they are available from Kit Monster. No connection to the seller, but I've had good service from them in the past. Grade One Surpluss...
  8. Thoth

    Heads-Up Laser Competition 1 man tent £132

    There are often people asking about cheap, good quality tents here and Field & Trek have just put this up. No connection etc.
  9. Thoth

    New Bushcraft Blog from Ex Woodlore Instructor

    I got an email from Paul Kirtley the otherday, some of you might know Paul from attending Woodlore courses already. Anyway he has branched out on his own and you can see his new blog site & contact him here