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  1. Thoth

    Victorinox's new folding paring knives.

    I cracked and bought one of these. In general it's nicely made but the liner-lock is very stiff. Opens and locks easily, difficult to release and close though. Hopefully it will free up a bit with use.
  2. Thoth

    The ray mears beanie

    I have a couple of those possum and merino hats, they are very warm. If I lost one I'd buy another. In fact I have!
  3. Thoth

    Winnerwell Stoves

    If you 'do' Facebook there is a group called Tentipi User Group UK run by ProAdventure. There are a lot of experienced folk there with plenty of stove advice, it's a frequently discussed topic. I've got an 'original' Frontier in my Safir 9, so can't comment on Winnerwell. I'm sure there is a...
  4. Thoth

    Frontier's Online Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course - anyone done it?

    I am a participant in both Paul's online courses and have also attended courses with Paul through Frontier Bushcraft and one course led by Paul when he was working at Woodlore. I think the online courses are good value for money (you retain access to course materials indefinitely by the way and...
  5. Thoth

    Still looking for a new tent! (Snugpak Stratosphere?)

    I very much like my Hilleberg Akto is lovely but pricey, Tera Nova Zephyr is a similar design AFAIR, assuming they still make them.
  6. Thoth

    What are snugpak sleeping bags like?

    I have both the SF1 and SF2 bags, I particularly like the centre zips these have. They are both eleven years old now so bear in mind things may have changed. The SF1 is my go to bag for late spring through to Autumn in the UK. I do recall being pretty cold in the SF1 in April 2010 on my Woodlore...
  7. Thoth

    Electric chainsaw

    Hi Broch, would you mind telling us what generator you bought and what you think of it please?
  8. Thoth

    Outdoor Toileting Best Practice

    I agree, this is basic stuff known to all here, or so I would hope. But the reason for asking was to pick up on any best practice that could be shared with others NOT members of BCUK.
  9. Thoth

    Ray Mears/Lars Falt book Out on the Land - Opinions?

    I think it's a good book, I have Ray's earlier books and would agree that there is some duplication but not so much that I feel that Out on the Land is just a remake if you get my drift. Ray seems to have changed his mind about the best way to go about some things, or perhaps this is Lars'...
  10. Thoth

    Outdoor Toileting Best Practice

    Thanks for comments posted so far. There seems to be agreement that the subject needs to be discussed at least. I agree that in some locations and circumstances human waste needs to be packed out. In other instances a cat hole an appropriate distance from watercourses (30m, 50m, ?m) is okay with...
  11. Thoth

    Outdoor Toileting Best Practice

    Does anyone have any links to reliable online advice on how to **** in the woods? I recently contacted Explorers Connect, who promote Wild Night Out to point out that they had no advice on this subject on thier website and that I thought that...
  12. Thoth

    Simple Slip Pocket

    That's a nice thing Sam. I've had one of Ben's Nomads for a few years now. I really like it and find l can do almost anything I want with it. Hope you come to like yours, when you've forgiven it for biting you!
  13. Thoth

    Kinder suprise egg containers and ideas to put in

    Vinyl glove containers in your FAK. Keeps a pair together and stops anything holing them.
  14. Thoth


    Sorry, no idea. No tags or markings of any kind. OG, heavyweight cordura type material, chunky YKK zips. Maybe the manufacturers went bust if nobody bought a second pair!
  15. Thoth


    Silva compass I've had since 1980, pair of gaiters I bought about the same time from an independent shop that is still trading :-) I have two Feurhand lanterns, one of which belonged to my Dad, but I didn't find it until I was clearing out his garage after he died, so I don't know quite how old...
  16. Thoth

    Newbie from Cambridge

    Welcome! I'm not too far away from you in Hertford where there are a few more trees on the doorstep. That said I had a lovely visit to a beautiful little beechwood just on the edge of Cambridge last summer. It is described here and features in Robert Macfarlane's book 'The Wild Places' and is...
  17. Thoth

    Oiling my axe handle

    It must be something to do with not being able to do much at the moment, so I just decided to oil the handle of my GB Wildlife Hatchet this afternoon. It is about 12 years old and I've been meaning to do something about it since learning how to put a better finish on the Small Forest Axe issued...
  18. Thoth

    Day Out Woodstime with Son of Tanith

    Good stuff Sam. It seems a long time ago since I visited with you there. That was the time when poor Pete filled his croc with boiling water, I hope he recovered okay, it was a nasty scald :-(
  19. Thoth

    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    I made a vat of soup from nettle-tops & a few ramson leaves last week (also using a carrot, a potato, an onion) and a lot of pesto from ramsons and walnuts today. Only the ramsons were foraged, the walnuts were a gift from a Ukrainian neighbour; he gave me a couple of kilos of shelled nuts he...
  20. Thoth

    Spring has sprung

    I saw my first wood anemones of the year, in flower, on a sunny slope two weeks ago now. The same woods are also full of well advanced bluebell shoots. This week I was making a cup of tea in the woods and saw my first greater spotted woodpecker too, I've heard them, and green woodpeckers, quite...