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  1. JAG009

    Walking sticks

    I have been watching this guys work for a while now , I thought some of you might be interested
  2. JAG009

    new canoe house

    My canoe had been stored at a mates garage for some time ,which was fine, but thought it would be better at home, so rejigged the garden and made it a new home ,so no more do I have to head to mates garage for my canoe . Some pics
  3. JAG009

    Forget the GB axe

    Forget the GB axe this is what you need :)
  4. JAG009

    What did we do before the beeps !!!!!

    Why does everything have to beep!! or bong!! these days ,press the buttons one the washing machine it beeps ! micro wave it beeps ! , tumble drier it bongs , cooker it beeps !! ,,,, I know when I have pressed a button it does not have to beep ,or bong to tell me!!! :rant::rant::rant: Anyway...
  5. JAG009

    Peddle skills

    Just see this vid some of you guy and girls might like it Watch the credits as well OOuch !
  6. JAG009

    For those of a certain age
  7. JAG009

    Aluminium dutch oven

    Just looking to see if has anyone on here has got one and are they any good, or will I just go for a cast iron one ?.....thanks
  8. JAG009

    Giant crystal cave

    Well worth a look
  9. JAG009

    3 days walking in the snow (pic heavy)

    A few pics for my walk to a meet at Loch Etive...
  10. JAG009

    Great vid about bears

    Just watched this well worth an hour out of your day hope you enjoy
  11. JAG009

    Stupid tools !

    Over the years i have seen some really stupid tools being brought to the market ,tools they say you cant go without in your tool kit the stanley fubar to mention one But i just saw this and it made me laugh So can you...
  12. JAG009

    Spirit Animal

    Just for fun , It turned out my spirit animal is a spider ,which made me laugh as i am a bit of an amature entomologist...
  13. JAG009

    Jimmy,s Forest

    Just seen a wee clip of this could be worth watching ,,starts tonight 9pm on more 4 Jason
  14. JAG009

    Fjallraven reivo trousers

    As the title says ...size 54 which is 36 /38 and regular lenth dark olive ...only worn once so in top nick £40 posted to you ,,Pics if needed but the same as these Cheers Jason
  15. JAG009

    Stealth camping in plain sight

    As title.... do you think it would work ? :lmao: Jason
  16. JAG009

    Bet this hurt

    Some of you might have seen this guy before,, some of his jumps have been posted before ,but for those who have not ,here is some And here is what happens when it goes pear shaped...
  17. JAG009

    Operational tactical holdall grip bag

    Looking for £25 posted to you or maybe a trade In A1 condition Its the same as this one...
  18. JAG009

    One for the bikers out there (soft luggage full set )

    As above ,,,,,,The tank bag is magnetic and fully expandable and can be worn as a backpack complete with all straps The tail pack is also fully expandable and can also be worn as a backpack complete with all straps The panniers are both fully expandable...
  19. JAG009

    4 days in Arran walking (pic heavy)

    As the title says just back from Arran ,me and coln18 spent 4 days walking some of the Arran coastal route ,the walking was great and the camp spots could not have been more scenic ,and the wildlife was stunning If you have not been to Arran i would recommend it Here are some pics hope you...
  20. JAG009

    The human race

    I had seen this program a few years ago ,and just stumbled across it on you tube thought you all might like a look Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4