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  1. Toddy

    Dandelion honey

    A little late for this year to find 150 blooms, but I'll mind for next :) Steve Sangster has a video on the youtube channel on how to make dandelion honey. Really clear instructions :)
  2. Toddy

    I spotted a bargain :)

    Thought it a good idea for a fresh thread, especially since Christmas is coming up and some of us are struggling to find decent presents for menfolks :rolleyes3: Lowe Alpine caps. Absolutely excellent bits of kit. Bargain price from this fellow, but only in Large...
  3. Toddy

    Hazelnut recipes

    First up is Hazelnut shortbread. (I think this was Rose Elliot's recipe originally, from the 1980's) I used to make this recipe with my sons when they were little. There are so many squirrels around here that we never managed to forage many hazelnuts, but what we didn't scran on our walks ended...
  4. Toddy

    Lovely video of making a feather blanket

    This lady is an archaeologist who specialised in traditional technologies of the SW Americas. The video shows her making a turkey feather blanket, and the yucca cordage that binds it all together. It's pouring here, sodden wet, and I have a bucket load of willow bark sitting retting outside the...
  5. Toddy

    Ben Orford on Woodlands TV :)

  6. Toddy

    The midgies are back :(

    I'm just in from the garden. I've been using handshears to cut the edges of the lawns so that we can get the hover mower to do the rest today. I went out just after six, and within minutes I was bitten, and it just got worse as it went on. The midgies are back :sigh: :mosquitos: Off to find...
  7. Toddy

    Has anyone actually eaten Mugwort ?

    I was watching a video of a Japanese fellow making rice cakes (we're veggie, Son2 can't eat gluten, I keep an eye out for interesting recipes) and he used Mugwort to make the rice paste that forms the outside of the 'cake'. Now I use mugwort, but it's a smudge thing. It's a firestarter, it's an...
  8. Toddy

    Absolutely filthy, aching, muddy, happy :)

    I've spent a couple of hours a day for the past few days redding out the big pond in the garden. I can't go out anywhere else really, so might as well just get on with things at home. The pond was dug in over twenty years ago, and the liner is cracked, dead, needing dug out and replaced, but...
  9. Toddy

    How's the weather ?

    -4.6˚C :hatscarf: No snow, no rain, just really blooming cold, and it's been below freezing every morning and evening for about a week now. Flat calm, not a breeze. It wasn't supposed to be this cold, well according to the BBC weather forecast for here. M
  10. Toddy

    Encouraging wildlife.

    I think this might make an interesting kind of sub-forum if there's enough input. Encouraging wildlife doesn't need to mean that you turn your front garden into some out of place looking suburban jungle, or that you can't discourage pest species, like rats, while giving a helping hand to...
  11. Toddy

    The Ivy is full of butterflies :D

    The ivy is allowed to grow over the high fence at the side of my garden that runs alongside the path and the burn, under the trees. It's in full flower just now and when the sun shines on it, it's absolutely alive with huge butterflies. Peacocks and Red Admirals mostly. I'm a hopeless...
  12. Toddy

    Be Careful !

    We all have pieces of kit that we use with almost thoughtless ease that we sometimes forget that others aren't so aware of the potential problems. An article on BBC Scotland's website this morning kind of brought this topic to mind, and I thought it might not be a bad idea for a thread. So, Be...
  13. Toddy

    Heads up !

    There are rather a lot of grumbles, and having dealt with four this evening alone, it's probably time to be blunt and give a clear heads up. Please read the rules before you sell. Most of the issues...
  14. Toddy

    What's on, where, and why it's of interest.

    Couple of recent-ish posts have brought this to mind. So, I'm starting a thread that hopefully folks will add onto. Basically if you spot something coming up that's of interest to folks on the forum, post a bit about it. Tom Ready posted one the other day about the Green Fayre, in West...
  15. Toddy

    Beach bum has passed away.

    His son wrote that his Dad passed away last week. Keith had been a member for longer than I was, and I'm pretty sure he went to the Moot too. Knew his stuff and he was easy company on the forum. Sincerest condolences to his family and friends; another one on a new journey. Mary
  16. Toddy

    Grey squirrel on the menu.....London restaurant
  17. Toddy


    Pignuts. Tasty, crunchy morsels. Considered a famine food now really, but if you're clever about it, easily found and worth the effort. I grow some in pots. It's much easier emptying out a pot than it is trying to find a dog piddle free zone where they're growing profusely enough to dig up and...
  18. Toddy

    Rain, rain and more rain....

    Ho ho ho.....might be Christmas time, but it sounds more like pirates to me, and we're awash here again. The lawn has a resident population of newts, even the squirrel that's joyfully bounding across the garden needs web feet :rolleyes: I'm just in and sat down. I've been soaked to the skin...
  19. Toddy

    Blasted squirrels

    Cute wee blighters, but so blasted destructive. They eat their way through every bird feeder, they herrie the wee birds nests, they dig up my planters to bury food, and one has just thought it's Christmas has come. I popped a huge pan of popcorn early this morning, and I have left over...