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  1. Buckshot

    For Sale Rolls Razor.

    this is a sales thread, please ensure posts in this thread relate to the sale only. Ultimately, the seller has the option of asking as much or little as they want. the buyer has the option of accepting that offer or not. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure they are happy to pay the asking...
  2. Buckshot

    Any Shotgun Experts?

    that would be amazing to shoot. I have a few friends with Damascus and/ or BP doubles. even a muzzle loader or two as well! there's a shop near me called Just Cartridges - guess what they sell?! They can deliver (for a fee) if you set up an account and upload a copy of the SGC. they have...
  3. Buckshot


    This is my Billhook collection. I inherited all but the single handed wooden handled one at the bottom this one lives in my day pack and is surprisingly useful. I got it from Jack years ago, it's a Newton style but i struggled with the beak so took the tip off with a grinder. It's much better...
  4. Buckshot

    lighter / trench lighter/ windproof lighter ideas and suggestions

    i got fed up giving my 'expensive' (£1 or £2) to scouts and never getting them back when on camp so i got a pack of 50 disposable lighters for £5. now i don't have a problem handing out a 10p lighter! not pretty but functional and i can carry several for the weight of something like a zippo for...
  5. Buckshot

    Mountain ( International ) Rescue.

    I think it will certainly save time and is far cheaper than a helicopter which is the current option! Paras normally carry a huge rucksack of kit. i wonder how they are going to carry kit and the jetpack?
  6. Buckshot

    Any groups/meetups in the Berkshire area?

    I don't know of any in Berks but Wiltshire Bushcraft club (search on facebook) meet a few miles outside Swindon and are a good bunch.
  7. Buckshot

    Sold Stuart Mitchell Limited Edition NHS Secare - New

    thanks for amending the post GLWS
  8. Buckshot

    Sold Sasta Montana Hat Size 60

    If this were a 59 I'd have it. As it is have a bump on me!
  9. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock

    No problem Enjoy Mark
  10. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock

    Posted today
  11. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock

    Sold pending funds Many thanks Mark
  12. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock

    Bump and price drop to £30 all in Hammock with a built in mozzie net and a snake skin for £30 Bargain!
  13. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock

    I think it's the frontline model but I'm not 100% Good hammock for the money. Thanks
  14. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock

    Bump and price drop to £35
  15. Buckshot

    Can you answer this question?

    brilliantly put Pete :)
  16. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock Under Blanket

    Thanks SPF
  17. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock

    Bump and price drop to £37.50
  18. Buckshot

    Sold Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker A-sym Brown

    Sold will be posting today Thanks Mark
  19. Buckshot

    Sold DD Hammock Under Blanket

    I would imagine so as it's a standard shape hammock. I do know people who use underblankets with very similar hammocks and they love it. it means you only need a fairly light top blanket. As you know I don't really do hammocks, i bought this on a whim and have never used it.
  20. Buckshot

    Sold Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker A-sym Brown

    PM sent Sold pending funds thanks Mark