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  1. tree beard

    Mors pot

    Hi there, I'm looking for a Mors pot if anyone has one that they're not using, needs to be in a decent condition. I know Woodland Ways has them but I'm not keen on the £45 price tag :puppy_dog Cheers. :) Pete.
  2. tree beard

    Berghaus Cyclops Vulcan II

    Looking for one of these and thought I'd see if anyone has one they are wanting to move on, must be in good condition with side pouches please. Possible PX for my Karrimor SF Predator 45 if your looking to downsize. Thank you.
  3. tree beard

    Which lamp oil

    I've just found this old lamp in my parents attic and would love to use it at home but SWMBO is worried it will smell the house out, could anyone advise me if there is a lamp oil that won't get me and the lamp thrown out? Cheers.
  4. tree beard

    Bushcraft event planner

    I hope this is in the right place. Is there a calender/event planner for bushy events throughout year in the UK available anywhere, you know so you can see what's going on and where. Seems like a good idea to me, they're around for motorcycle, car, auto-jumbles, all kinds of events, but I cant...
  5. tree beard

    Open canopy fire

    Open canopy fire. (unsure of make) The same as the one in the photo except I painted the brass strips down side black (paint could be removed if desired) 2 of the screw on brass spigots?/pommels? missing. (I think I know where you can get a pair of these) 1 of the side fire stones is cracked...
  6. tree beard

    Bell tent advice please

    I'm looking to buy a 4 metre Bell tent with zip in groundsheet and wondered if anyone could offer any advice. As far as I can see it looks like it's down to these four, all look pretty much the same but has anyone had any experience with any of these? @ £480 Soulpad @ £440...
  7. tree beard

    Maxpedition FR-1 Medic/First aid kit pouch in O/G

    Before I shell out for a new one thought I'd ask if anyone has a Maxpedition FR-1 Medic/First aid kit pouch in O/G lurking unwanted somewhere. Thank you. . . :)
  8. tree beard

    Karrimor pouch, Maxpedition Grimloc's, Leatherman pouch, DD hammock.

    Karrimor SF Omni pouch in coyote, brand new and never used. £15 posted. SPF to Macaroon. Maxpedition Grimloc's x 4 in foliage, £6 posted. SOLD to tjwuk Leatherman molle pouch, brand new and never used, £8 posted. SPF to Ged. Leatherman Premium pouch, brand new and never used, £6 posted...
  9. tree beard

    Karrimor SF Sabre Side Pouches.

    Karrimor SF Sabre Side Pouches, brand new, still in the bag. £27.50 inc fees and P+P.
  10. tree beard

    Griddle test

    Tried out my home made RM style folding griddle on a recent fishing trip. Only used a Coleman under it as there was no ground fires where I was. I think I'll make a fire tray to sit on the the leg bracing . . . . . could use briquettes then as well. Did eggs spot on with a bit of oil . . . ...
  11. tree beard

    Looking for a headtorch . . . .any idea's please?

    Ok peoples I'm looking for a new headtorch and can't seem to find anything suitable . . . maybe someone can help? I have a couple of Energizer ones already, they where quite cheap but aren't bad for the money (around £10) The problem I have with these is ; With one of them you have four...
  12. tree beard

    Made this today.

    Popped into work today and knocked this up, not dissimilar from the Ray Mears folding grill :rolleyes: Just needs a splash of BBQ paint round the edges to fend off the ferrous oxide. Can't wait to try it. :) Might also make a fire tray that will sit on the leg stays to prevent fire scars...
  13. tree beard

    Walking boots treatment

    I recently bought some Karrimoor walking boots and was wondering what was best to polish/treat them with, any recommendations :confused: There was a little card with them recommending something, but can't find it now. :(
  14. tree beard

    Hello everyone.

    Ey up guys and gals, just a few lines to introduce myself. My names Pete I live in Sheffield and I'm a welder/fabricator by trade. I like to do a bit of carp fishing, usually spending 1 or 2 nights a week out by a lake or river under what carpers call a bivvy but is more like a gloryfied...