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  1. tree beard

    Sold Swazi Bush Shirt XXL

    Yes please P.m. sent.
  2. tree beard

    Sold Optimus 8r Stove

    I was the same all evening!. . . . I gave in though before I went to bed :emoji_blush: PayPal sent.
  3. tree beard

    Sold Optimus 8r Stove

    I'll take this please baggins, PM to follow.
  4. tree beard

    Meindl leather walking boots UK 5 1/2

    PM incoming. :)
  5. tree beard

    Ventile Jacket Extravaganza.

    Keela Falkland arrived today, tip top mate, thank you very much.
  6. tree beard

    First overnighter, what'll I forget?

    A loo roll can be quite handy unless you want to go for the full on Mountain man Sphagnum moss experience . . . :rolleyes: Oh and don't forget a lighter to burn It . . . after use of course. ;)
  7. tree beard

    HanWag TATRA WIDE GTX UK8.5/EUR 42.5

    PM sent . . . . :)
  8. tree beard

    Super lightweight tent pegs

    Ahhh. . . Sandbender PM'd me to say they had gone but I thought that was you. No worries. Take care and all the best people. . . :)
  9. tree beard

    Super lightweight tent pegs

    No worries ceryni, no stir caused . . . :) I will take them if you don't want them but you have first refusal. All the best. Peter.
  10. tree beard

    Super lightweight tent pegs

    Yeah you were first matey. :)
  11. tree beard

    Super lightweight tent pegs

    I'll take them if they are still available please . . . ta.
  12. tree beard

    Swanndri ranger and Frostfree wool shirt price drop-

    PM on its way for the Swanny.
  13. tree beard

    Let's have a meet up in Leeds!

    Did anything come of this chaps?
  14. tree beard

    Fjallraven - Sarek shirt xxl

    Yes please, PM to follow.
  15. tree beard

    Woolpower 200 long sleeved crew neck in black and XXL.

    Yes please, PM to follow.
  16. tree beard

    Mors pot

    And Copperhead, Out of stock @ heinnie but found them @ EE33.
  17. tree beard

    Mors pot

    Found em, cheers Johnny.
  18. tree beard

    Mors pot

    Are they available in the UK Johnny ?
  19. tree beard

    Mors pot

    Hi there, I'm looking for a Mors pot if anyone has one that they're not using, needs to be in a decent condition. I know Woodland Ways has them but I'm not keen on the £45 price tag :puppy_dog Cheers. :) Pete.
  20. tree beard

    What Head Torch???

    After a lengthy search I settled on a Nitecore HC90 (recommended by Big monster on here if I recall) and a great bit of kit it is too, very happy with it. I like the power switch which is a sliding design, it is off in the centre, sliding the switch to the left turns on the white light at a very...