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  1. Cap'n Badger

    Shearin' the mane.

    Ahoy shipmates, As per the title...I am gearing up fer a charity hair cut at the moot this year. Not a decision that I am takin' lightly, but fer 30 years I have always said that 'ifin me noggin mane starts lettin' in light'....time fer a shearing. So, gonna sort a worthy charity and post...
  2. Cap'n Badger

    Naughty Corner theme 2018

    Ahoy all. As decided by those that were there man.... ..The naughty Corner theme for 2018 is 'Nam' (as in Vietnam). So brush off that old copy of 'apocalypse now' and 'Good morning Vietnam' and get some arrr 'n dee in preparation fer yer cossie. Cap'n.
  3. Cap'n Badger

    Those green lasers.

    Got asked a lot this past two weeks about 'them lasers'. Here is the link. admin, feel free t' close this thread if it contravenes guidelines. no affiliations t' seller...just where I got mine.
  4. Cap'n Badger

    It be that time again swabs!

    Ahoy bretheren..... Just t' reminds ye alls that it be 'Talk liken a pirate day' tomorrow (Monday). Dust off yer ARRRRs......Swash that buckle an' re-hoist yer main brace ye swabz! :D
  5. Cap'n Badger

    Naughty corner t'shirts....moot11

    I still have some NC T's left if anybody wants one....XL only I'm afraid....£11.50 POSTED. PM me an' I'll get yer gold an' details.....:cool: Black workware t'shirt with fully embroidered logo.
  6. Cap'n Badger

    Picz from the moot11

    A link t' the photos I've taken.....seems me mobile was struggling this time Enjoy
  7. Cap'n Badger

    Bushcraft bling!

    amazin'.......why do I want one? Perchance ye can start fires in the sunshine wi' it too!
  8. Cap'n Badger

    This week, I arrr be mainly makin' things in leather.

    Took a couple o' days off from makin' 'neckies' an made mesel' a new 'Rum transportation' device. I've used the same leather clad rum bottle fer nigh on 8 I thought I'd make a new one out o' the saddle leather I was given a while back. It were enough fer a 'new' design an' t' have...
  9. Cap'n Badger

    Antibacterial hand sanitiser heads up!

    Tescos are doin' 4 o' these fer a pound.....Named 'H2 Zero'...4x 60ml bottles. Just bought a pack an' it's just as good as the stuff I bought fer twice the price fer one a month ago!.....not tried t' see ifin it can be used as fire gel yet
  10. Cap'n Badger

    Treasure hunt @ the moot.

    Ahoy peeps........ Was discussin' the 'moot' wi' friends o' mine the other night an' the subject o' the 'treasure hunt' came into convo. Did anyone take photos o' that event?.....not seen any posted. There were a few cameras about as we did the walk/run/nettle dash... If anyone has photies, can...
  11. Cap'n Badger

    Ox horn neckies.

    Horn neckies made t' order....Pm me yer design an' I'll Cut it 'silhouette' style into Ox horn. All individual, none the same twice. £8.50 GBP (Includes P&P).... posted t' yer door (For overseas customers add £1.50 GBP. For postage by airmail). Pm me for payment PP gifts accepted...
  12. Cap'n Badger

    Horn neckies..

    What Cap'nz get up t' while Not at sea. Found a new creative avenue.... Metal/leather keyring... More stuff here...
  13. Cap'n Badger

    Funny Anagrams o' yer 'Tag / User name..

    This is so ob' a spam thread....but it made me laugh an' wonder what other funny anagrams were out there o' yer names... Place yer name tag into the box an' click! .....try an' find the funniest.. (Not the rude ones...cos ye'll be chasised thoroughly by...
  14. Cap'n Badger

    Talk liken a pirate day....Saturday!

    It be that time again swabs!......don yer bestest tricorn an' get the rum in.....Tis talk liken a pirate day Saturday....ARRRRRRR!
  15. Cap'n Badger

    WW2 leather jacket....but what is it?

    I was given this t' sell on by a friend a couple o' years ago...(yeah I know...shoulda gone by now, but hey....I'm a stickler fer findin' out the RIGHT description o' Tis very stiff black leather that softens the more ye has it on....tis lined wi' Blue/grey blanket material...
  16. Cap'n Badger

    More antler stuff by the Cap'n. :).very pic heavy!

    Had a slow day t' knocked up some new carvins an' the liken....:D skinner. Not content wi' that......did some o' these fer a laugh. more t' follow when I gets the bone dust from my Soz about the size o' the pics.......(note t' sel'....RESIZE B4...
  17. Cap'n Badger

    Fun wi' antler....the movie

    Look, I learned how t' do somethin' new!!........Made a slideshow/movie o' me antler work. Old
  18. Cap'n Badger

    Fun wi' antler.

    Ahoy peeps.:beerchug: Just t' show ye that I ain't bin idle in me days o' bordom waitin' fer me next bit o' work t' come along. I was given some antler from a shipmate, (a full heads worth!). So I set about rehandlin' his SAK fer 'im. Now I'm not the best crafts'n in the west, so I'll accept...
  19. Cap'n Badger

    Rucksack cover.(PIC HEAVY)

    Ahoy peeps :D ...... I've not really posted anything of interest on this forum as thought I'd cast orf the ''cheeky pirate'' fer five minz t' share wi' ye a little discovery I've made. Now we've all seen those discarded umbrellas on the side of the road an' fillin' the binz after a...