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    What do you like best?

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    What Is Woad?

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    Thank you for 2 good years...

    ... but now I'm signing off. As some of you may have noticed, I haven't seriously posted for some months now. I've made a lot of new friends here and have learned a lot theoretically, but i've got my reasons to sign off now. Id rather not make a drama story out of this, so I'll just keep it...
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    blade length

    9 cm. is ideal for me. 10 cm. gets a little too long i think.
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    Advice on butchering deer

    It's also pretty difficult to learn from text or even illustrations. Something that is much easier learnt by seeing someone else do it and then do it yourself. :)
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    Setting up a swedish army trangia

    Look here: :)
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    Britishblades down

    It may just be the data transfer that is exceeded, happened to my site today too as well.
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    My New Website

    :D :D :D The new address is I will be working on the site most of the night to transfer the pages from the old site to the new. :) BTW, now there's 100 gb of data transfer per month and 2000 mb space. ;)
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    My New Website

    It's added now. Some of my pages were accidentally deleted some time ago in the filemanager. P@ul, it's because the site has had too many visitors today, it will be up in 50 minutes again or thereabouts. I will buy a domain name (.com) and get much more data transfer today. :)
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    My New Website

    Now there's added an easy feedback formular to help improve the site. :)
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    My New Website

    I have just updated the gallery with a few pictures and added a new section: tips & tricks for wilderness living. :)
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    Swedish bushcraft film :)

    Wow, what a great episode, I really like the amateur filming cause it shows how it really is and for some reason I think it looks better than an edited movie. :) (i know you've edited this, because you have to turn of the camera, etc, but ya know what I mean :D) I'm looking forward to episode...
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    IMCO lighter?

    Anyone got experience with this kind of IMCO lighter: cheers
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    Swedish bushcraft film :)

    Truly excellent Michel. :) How many chapters do you plan to make?
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    goretex boots yes or not

    I bought a pair of cross mountain boots for 19 (19) quid over two years ago and they're still going strong. ;) Just an example that cheap boots arent always bad, and yes they are pretty water resistant. I'm planning to buy a gtx sock to go with them.
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    What enviroment do you feel most natural in?

    Boreal, coniferous forests lacking snow.
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    Shoot it or watch it??????

    I eat all my game, but a squirrel is very small and it takes a lot of preparation compared to the amount of meat you get. :rolleyes: I shot a snipe the other day (yes the little fast bird that is so hard to hit) and we ate it the same evening. Very little meat on that. And I think there's...
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    Shoot it or watch it??????

    Being a hunter i know how you think. I think it was wise to do, we arent killer machines and I don't think anyone should shoot just because we can. :grouphug:
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    IT's Snowing!!!!

    We have about 6 inches here. :D