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  1. merrygold85

    Wicklow Bushraft Meetup - Autumn

    Hi, It's been ages since I was out doing bushcrafty things. Since moving back from the UK the closest I have got is doing some hiking. Would anyone be up for a Bushy meet in the Wicklow Mountains this Autumn? I don't know any good spots or anything, just seeing if there is any interest...
  2. merrygold85

    Pencil Carvings

    Has anyone seen these amazing carvings?
  3. merrygold85

    New Camera

    Hi all, I got a DSLR for Christmas. Below are some of the photos I took over the holidays in Ireland. Hopefully this year I'll get out a bit more and take some nice shots. Let me know what you think.
  4. merrygold85


    Heyo, I was just wondering what people's ideas were on the best way to find north on a cloudy night? Or maybe not cloudy, maybe it's raining blood or something, but either way you can't see the stars and you have no compass or watch.
  5. merrygold85

    Has anyone seen this?
  6. merrygold85

    50% Off

    Hey all, Just thought I'd give a heads up. Go Outdoors currently have 50% off all their Hi-gear stuff.
  7. merrygold85

    Brockers 14/15th Dec

    As I am moving to Manchester soon I thought I 'd have one last camp at Brockers. Dates as above. So far it's me, Vandeen and Chambers. Yall are welcome.
  8. merrygold85

    Free E-books

    Hello, Green Shopping are offering free downloads of some e-books, mostly about permaculture but there's also a wild food cooking one. Here
  9. merrygold85

    Another spoon thread

    With all the spoon threads on here I thought it was only right that I should post this clip from Don Hertzfeldt's oscar nominated short film, Rejected. The full film can be seen on youtube.
  10. merrygold85

    Winter 2011/12 Camp

    So what's craic the lads? When are we next cmaping? Or do we need a couple of months to get over the last one?
  11. merrygold85

    Kielder shelter

    Hey, I was walking along a pth in Kielder when I spotted this between the trees So I went over to check it out and it looked like it hadn't been used in ages. Thing is, the ground was completely sodden. It was really boggy and I found it quite difficult to get around. Must have taken...
  12. merrygold85

    Weekly(ish) Pic

    I think I'll start a thread where I upload a recent pic that I like every now and again instead of threads full pics from one day/event. I'll try and do one per week. It might force me to do more :) They may be good, they may not. I'll just be posting ones that I like. Feel free to comment in...
  13. merrygold85

    IDs please

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could ID these shrooms I photographed today at a pine plantation. I didn't want to disturb them so I took as good photos as I could with them in the ground. So there's this: And then there's this: Thanks guys.
  14. merrygold85

    Quality on a budget

    Hey, Is it possible to get a DSLR of any sort of quality for less than £200? I have a Pentax Optio compact which is grand for out and about, travelling etc., but not so grand when I want to take a really nice photo. So I was thinking of getting a Digital SLR for some good nature shots and...
  15. merrygold85

    Brockwell Woods September 2011 - PIC HEAVY

    Here are my pics for the latest Brockers meet. It was eventful, and a great time was had by all I think. Except Wonky, who died. :( Nobody was at fault. Unfortunately I have no photos of "the incident", so here you go:
  16. merrygold85

    Conscious Plants

    Has anybody seen this? It starts to get very interesting about 4 mins into the 3rd part where the guy hooks a plant up to a polygraph machine. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this, and how people feel about the idea of...
  17. merrygold85

    Old School Hunting

    Does anyone on here actually hunt with bows they've made or other "primitive" means?
  18. merrygold85

    North East Bargains

    Hello, Thought I'd give a shout to anyone interested in cheap gear here in Newcastle. Apologies if thread is in the wrong place. I was in town today and saw that Sports Direct in the Monument Mall are having a closing down sale with mad discounts. As well as some cheap sports equipment I...
  19. merrygold85

    Old Wonky needs your advice, I think

    Hello there, You're looking well. Enjoying the weather eh. Good times. Anyway, a small amount of you know I have been trying to make my first knife since the Jan Brockers meet thanks to Chris and his endless generosity. Well, after 4 albums of Alice Chains on my first work day since...
  20. merrygold85

    How do you number 2?

    Hello there. I was just wondering how you lovely people go about relieving yourselves in the wild. I'm particularly interested in methods of disposing of your solids. I was at Brockwell at the weekend and did my first wild number 2 and was wondering what you guys look for in a spot. Do you...