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  1. scanker

    Wild camping in the UK

    Nice article Ged. Thanks for the info.
  2. scanker

    Hennessy net repair/replacement?

    My mate fell through his. Sent it back to HH and they replaced FOC iirc.
  3. scanker

    Hi from Pembrokeshire

    Welcome to the site. We spend a fair bit of time in Freshwater East, not very far from you at all. Nice part of the world.
  4. scanker

    Which gas stove and backpack?

    There are quite a few for less than £20 on the site Rik linked to in #10.
  5. scanker

    Help for Heroes

    Good luck with it. Take lots of photos, keep a blog and you could win goodies from Alpkit.
  6. scanker

    My toilet trowel design

    Cool design. If Rambo had a toilet trowel, it would be like this! :D
  7. scanker

    Which gas stove and backpack?

    The Camping Stove TK100 looks the spit of my pocket rocket.
  8. scanker

    Which gas stove and backpack?

    Pocket rocket (it is MSR) and GoLite Jam2. That's what I have anyway! My pocket rocket was £27 when Blacks had an offer on and the Jam2 £40, similarly, on sale at Go Outdoors. There may be some in stores still, they were taken offline a short while ago, but then did drop down to £35. I tend...
  9. scanker

    on or off canister burner?

    I have a pocket rocket, which is an on-canister stove. One advantage that hasn't been mentioned of the off-canister stove is that you can use any sort of wind shield without fear of heating the canister. As has been mentioned, I think off-canister will be far more stable. I think I understand...
  10. scanker

    Hennessey Hammock -Under blanket

    I have a homemade underblanket and you basically just shove it aside, get in the HH as normal and pull the underblanket back into place after you. The shockcords help it to do this. It's the same with Snugpak underblankets.
  11. scanker

    Which cartridge for an old Epigas stove?

    I have an old epigas stove that looks similar to the one in the bottom picture. Mine is collapsible and has a 10p sized disc with 4 slotted holes for the pan supports. It takes the screw on gas cartridges of the type shown in your top picture. I think stoves for the bluet type cartridge in...
  12. scanker

    Anyone ordered from Craghoppers??

    I ordered some trousers 3-4 weeks ago. Two pairs turned up about 2 weeks ago and then yesterday, randomly, the third pair I'd ordered.
  13. scanker

    Today is

    Well yesterday was the first day I drove home from work without lights on this year. The wild garlic in our garden is sprouting through and I saw some snowdrops the other weekend,
  14. scanker

    Got my first good camera!! Well chuffed :)

    Super. That's a nice pic of a robin as your avatar anyway!
  15. scanker

    Outer Hebrides in July.

    May is the best time to visit Scotland IMO. I was up there for the last week in May last year, and the first week of June. The blighters were early too. :( You should be just before the midges and enjoy the least rainfall. That, or wait to mid-September! If you go after that, take midge...
  16. scanker

    Weekend bivvy suggestions?

    In reply to Kerne's post, me and a mate once "camped late" in the FoD, walked 500 yds or so off a track. Next morning, brewing up, we were within 50yds or so of another track. Dog walkers were looking over at our brew fire. :eek: Scout early, camp late, leave early! :D
  17. scanker

    Weekend bivvy suggestions?

    I think Scotland is the only place you can go and legally camp where you want. We're lucky enough to have access to woodland on a mate's Uncle's farm in Herefordshire. There are a few spots you can go though, and not too far from Gloucestershire. I've spent many a night on a farm at...
  18. scanker

    dutch oven

    Unless you need to see one in the flesh, I don't think you can go far wrong with Ronnie Sunshine on Ebay. We've had ours about 3 years and it's fantastic.
  19. scanker

    My First DSLR

    You'll get on fine with that. As I said above, I think it'd be good advice to take photos for a month or two and then analyse what you're taking most photos of. At a guess I reckon 60% of my photos are of our children, 30% landscapes and 10% the rest - close ups, insects etc. If x% of your...
  20. scanker

    My First DSLR

    You want autofocus really. You can put some manual lenses on the D40 iirc, but you'd miss autofocus. The D40, D40X, D60 from Nikon don't have any autofocus mechanism built into the bodies of the camera, as is the case with the more expensive models. You need Nikon lenses that state "AFS" or...