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    shocking scroll down to oddly enough about the australian ( sorry, I can't manage to get the full link correctly :confused: ) It's funny and scary at the same time :eek:
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    Ultimate Bushcraft Clothing

    It arrived early this morning. I've always felt at odds with most clothing for the outdoors. You either wind up looking like Rambo, Natty Bumpo or Paris Hilton on the ski slopes. :cool: It's doubly bad in California, what with 24/7 Rennaissance Faire reencactors, Buddhist monks in saffron...
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    Nothing changes

    I was looking through a loaned book about Albert Johnson, AKA The Mad Trapper of Rat River. It's a fascinating and true story about a famous manhunt by the RCMP. There is a photograph of Johnson's kit taken after his death. It struck me how little changed it was from that of Oetzi. Johnson had...
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    Russian Axes?

    I don't know if they've shown up in G.B. but a few patterns of traditional russian axes are being imported The patterns and handles look like something out of russian fairytale and prices are modest. Ragnar told me some time past the prices were vastly...
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    I'm a father ( sort of)

    Last month I went to a very infamous horse auction. This is a sad place, where badly injured, used up or overproduced excess stock wind up going to the knackers in spite of laws to the contrary in California. I spotted an older mare in terrible condition, but showing the memory of outstanding...
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    Pushing gear beyond reality

    I've been out and about in our heavy rainstorms today. Theres something wrong with a society of people who refuse to recognise inclement weather because of a prestigous address. It's ironic, getting stared at in a upscale market for wearing a flectar poncho by people resembling drowned rats in...
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    New Oetzi program

    The american History channel will broadcast a new film this monday @ 9 PST. I know little of the content, but a modern backpacker retraced his final journey, replicating the conditions and skills used to live in his world ( I am weary of the grim word 'survive')
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    The Lions of Tsavo-Thousand Oaks

    Somtimes people look upon bushcraft as an escape or hobby, giving little worth to it in daily life. Well, Today I'm out helping a nieghboring ranchhand on a sizable property near the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. We have a major storm system dumping 15" per hour ( measured flow, not...
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    So I get involved

    It's pouring rain here. We've had a series of heavy storms move in. It's expected, first the brushfires of summer and then potential mudslides, rockslides in the coastal canyons and flooding. I just turned off another NATURE programme on the tellie. Once again some photographer records the...
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    Balaclava patterns I went looking for traditional ones. Silk, poly and fleece and a few military surplus are out there but I wanted a certain style in traditional wool. I found a knitter and am waiting patiently.
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    Axe books key on rural. THE AXE BOOK: THE LORE AND SCIENCE OF THE WOODCUTTER by D. Cook ISBN 0-911469-16-8 Alan C. Hood & Co. previously published as KEEPING WARM WITH AN AXE Universe Books. I just discovered this text and am ordering a copy ( USD 22.95 + s/h) The book is geared to...
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    Golden Eagles

    I was out riding early this morning. The fog turned the coastal mountains into islands in a grey sea with the salty smell of the Pacific twisting between the heavy cologne of sage and other chapparel bushes. Then I felt her. Looking to my right a female golden Eagle was gliding down and took a...
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    Bush Courtesy

    I was reading the thread about winter camping and the fears of being alone, or observed. So, we are out and about and WE see a fire or camp. Could it be a fellow online bushcrafter we haven't crossed paths with? There was a time when people would shout out "hello the camp," giving the occupants...
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    Urban Bushcraft

    I just returned from what was to be a quick 10 minute drive. We had a sudden rainstorm come in from the sea along with the high winds known locally as Santa Annas. My ancient Volvo decided this would be the perfect time for the WINDSHILD WIPER handle to break off in my hand. I managed ot get it...
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    leather restoration

    Sometimes we acquire vintage kit with leather accouterments. Oftentimes the leather is suspect and should simply be renewed. But if it's a key piece or sound the following formula works. Take one bar of Castille soap ( available in many organic or healthfood stores) and shave half into 2 cups...
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    There and back Again

    Temperatures are easily reaching 100 FH here. The very idea of an open fire is insane and the first hints of our feared annual Santa Anna winds and the fires can be felt. I was offered the chance to sort out a huge red Irish Thoroughbred just off the racetrack. Typically, he knows one thing, go...
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    New Wetterlings! I just popped in to visit my favourite knife merchant and there are 4 new wetts. New are a Forest Axe, full sized chopping axe, timber broad hatchet and timber broadaxe for woodworking. The Forest Axe sports a 25 1/2" handle with a 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" head. This is very close to...
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    Moderator burnout

    I'm doing my daily chores @ equipped, smothering flame wars, posting disclaimers about some rather scary ideas and then I remembered an overdue reply to another member. I go into our user list, and there it, or, rather ( as I soon learned) they were. 18 new registrations with zero postings but...
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    With the Scandinavian knives a popular blade choice, I thought a post about another northern knife might be of interest. Ulus ( ooloos) are a very old circumpolar blade associated with modern Inuits, but also known to many subpolar peoples as well. They were long made of slate and ivory until...
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    60th anniversary of D-Day

    Theres lots of coverage over here. I think people are looking for a certain clarity of purpose against the muddled politics of today. A collector friend had promised to show me a zeltbhan, which we have discussed @ equipped. He makes annual trips to Europe and bought this in Normandy. To his...