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    are very well behaved dogs welcome to the moot?
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    why does my avatar not show up?

    thanx folks deb
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    Mini torch and leather belt holders

    They look lovely do you still have any? id like a dark brown one if u do. thanx deb
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    Christmas/New Years Meet at Swyns 5 & 6 Jan 2008

    Thankyou Swyn I am uncertain if I posted correctly to say, I would love to join you ladies and gentlemen for another get together, I've still had no luck catching a rabbit though maybe its my technique? Deborah James
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    Christmas/New Years Meet at Swyns 5 & 6 Jan 2008

    Hello Swyn I would love to come along. May have another with me. I hope to follow rabbit prep. Do I need to catch my bunny and bring with ? Can't offer a workshop but am enthusiastic learner. Had an excellent time last time I met you ladies and gentlemen. Deborah 'every stick has two...
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    Good afternoon and Hello to all, Thank you for making me feel so welcome this weekend. Taking my love of survival skills out of books and putting it to practice was very satisfying. I learnt so much from you all and look forward to learning more.:You_Rock_ From Deborah