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    Moods that cause regret

    One of the pleasant things of mellowing with the passing years, is that I rarely have cause to be irked by the irritating situations that life throws at one from time to time. I ordered a a book to do with some of the mystical things which associate with intuitive archery...hmmm, it sounded just...
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    Handle project

    I've been given a 'crown-end' of an antler and it seems to be shouting, "Nessmuk". Having never worked with this material, I would be most glad of some pointers to bear in mind and any pitfalls to be avoided. The section came via a stick maker up in Mull, though I don't know what beastie type it...
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    Thread tip for canvas and leather hand sewing

    Here's one tip I came across in a sailmaking book. A really great alternative to the pre-waxed polyester thread used with the Speedy Stitcher, is to get ones hands on a half fathom of 14mm diam. 3 strand polyester rope as source material and strip the whole thing down to the sewing thickness...
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    Woolen garment to be dyed

    My wife is resolved to changing the colour of a hardly worn, but treasured jumper, from off white, to an assertive shade of violet. Never having done anything like this before, she has ordered some Dylon dye. "It's got salts in it and you just chuck it in the machine", apparently . Anyone...
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    It has been a while

    Have been out of the site for quite some time, but my interest is starting to come back. Things have changed, but its good to see some of the old user names again. Rgds all Ceeg
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    Now what?

    I,ve been off site a few weeks and now I find I,m unable to log on unless I try to raise a page just for registered users. So, what it then ? Just bugs?, Decrepitude on my part ? Or are you all fed up with me posting about my ploddy knots? Ceeg
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    Discreet, it isn't.

    The old sailormen were fond of decorated fancywork and used just whatever they could find. They liked gaudy "flash", in a big way. Here's a "ship-finish" (ie. rough handed) deck knife, made from one of those Frosts stainless thingys. Its main covering, is "grafting", for which I used...
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    It's a rum old life.

    "In memory of Barbara Anne Hunsley who loved to walk in this wood", is what it says, on a memorial bench at the edge of my favourite wood. I had gone out this morning, with dog, for my usual and, as usual, found myself doing a Meldew at the litter...then I came to the bench and I find atop, a...
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    New homemade hat

    Heres one that I made up last week....out of a settee! The leather was quite floppy and I had intended to reverse it so as to show the rough side. But it soon became clear that I couldn,t wet mould it and would only get the shape I was after, if I stiffened the whole thing with the hot wax...
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    Warm glow all day long

    As usual, the mutt and me took our walk through the local woods this early morn. Coming round the bend of a chalkly/leaf-littered trod; and what do I walk into, but two deer! They were just as taken aback as we were and we eyed each other for a half hit the deck, presumably in...
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    Can't see the woods for trees.

    I think Red is really out to bamboozle us poor souls who've nowt else better to do!:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :You_Rock_ In the thrash, I've somewhere lost the plot with Reds recognition thread. I,m sure Ive posted a couple of answers on wrong pictures. Am I having too many Senior moments...
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    Is your leather hat too big?

    Having made a replacement for my "cowpat"-looking, oversize, earlapping leather hat; I've set about addressing the problems with it. The probs were.......over size by about 3 cms.....rim was always creased and sides bulged in, then out, rubbish hatbraid. But, h3ll, it was a...
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    Summat adrift, here

    I found that on trying to submit my last post, about hatmaking, that I somehow found myself offline. I hit the tit and found I was back on site. And, according to the status bar on the right hand side, I was logged in and on line, but according to the status/dialogue box on the left hand...
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    Leather hat . Lock and Co., breathe easy!

    For some time, I,ve been musing about another hat and I still aren't really sure of what I want......only that it's to be cooler and preferably more water tight than my present Aussie style ,wide-brim, steaming bonnet. Yerse, I've had a butchers at all the Tilleys and there are some which I...
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    Search facility query

    Afternoon folks. Using the top right box,I just now tried to do a search for threads about hats. I'm after another hat, you see and I thought I would use "hats", as the subject. The results were not what I expected. I got atalatl weights, foot and mouth disease and gawd knows what else...
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    Ah hae me doots!

    Being temporarily chokka with leatherwork, I took inspiration from a recent thread on the making of a knife from a sawblade. Never having tried anything like this, and certainly not in dire need of another blade, it was more idle curiosity that made me set about a defunct blade from my...
  17. S,s Pouches again

    These on the right-hand side, have been posted here, before and are made from 3mm+ veg tan. But I decided to have a go at something a little smaller, lighter and easier to fabricate. So I got some 2mill vegtan and found the results a little too floppy. Thats when I tried to use the boiled...
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    Home experiment

    A couple of years ago, I constructed some pouches for my own use and amusement and since then, I,ve always dallied with the idea of trying out the hot wax technique of hardening leather.....not that they needed hardening, for I had made them all of thickish veg tan and strapping one to ones...
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    Photo posting problems

    Not for the first time, I am in shtuck with the uploading process, to Gallery. Yesterday, I tried a thrash at posting pics on this new format and, clearly I goofed it. It seems to me, that on this first attempt, I had (due to cack-handedness), forgotten to reduce the file size to below...
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    Needle hitching .

    Hardly Bushcraft, but its one way to tart up everyday items. Heres a pic of enhanced everyday containers that hold my knotting tools and needles. ( I bet I,ve forgotten how to post pics) Ceeg Yup, I was right. Hang about.(forgot the http thingy)