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    Joining Rip Stop Nylon

    I've a little project on the go and need to join some pieces of rip stop nylon together. Suffering from SADS (Sewing Ability Deficit Syndrome), plus not having a sewing machine, I'm considering options. A few searches indicate I can use some sort of "weld" using special tape to join / seam and...
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    Grey Water Disposal

    What do you do to dispose of your grey water at your (semi) permanent camps? And wild camps? Collect it and then pack out at the end of the stay? Or dig a soak-away? An old Scout manual of mine suggests the latter, using fine twigs and grass to filter out the bits; then burning the "filter"...
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    What 'Creature' Is This And What Was It Doing?

    Quiet rural unclassified road in Powys, Wales (that's near England). It did appear to be rubber-ish scuffs as from tyres on the roadway. No farm gates immediately adjacent to this site so probably not a farm vehicle manoeuvring for the field entrance. As well as the usual farm machinery, quad...
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    Permanent Tarp Frame Ideas?

    I want to (re)build a permanent tarp frame for my camp. I've used hazel for the frame in the past but find it doesn't last too long before the elements start to degrade the poles and make the frame less than structurally sound. I'm exploring various longer-lasting ideas, not all of which are...
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    As the odd advancing year keeps arriving at me from time to time I've decided to cut down on the weight of things I carry on my day hikes. I have a small but decent pair of binoculars. These weigh in at around 250g. I'd like to replace them with something lighter. I do use use them, not every...
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    A Burning Scientific Question

    One log won't burn. Two logs will burn. Three logs make a fire. An adage I've known for a many a long time. The Indian Fire Lay, or Star Fire Lay works on this principle: push the logs together to increase the fire; pull them apart slightly to slow it. How come that barbeque charcoal...
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    Scandi Words (No, not Grinds)

    We've all come across the odd Scandi word being adopted into English usage such as hygge. I came across another recently that, I think, many of us chaps and chapesses would say "Oh yes please! In our dreams.". And that word is kalsarikännit. This apparently means 'drinking beer on your own at...
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    And this week's winner of the Darwin Award is... be found here. (BBC News website.)
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    Email Backup or Archive on/from Mac?

    I have a friend who has many many years of carefully filed emails on her Mac, which is now ageing and she feels an upgrade may be in order. She's worried about losing the emails and is after some sort of future-proofed backup / archive facility for her emails before upgrading. I did suggest an...
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    Winter Solstice

    It's the Winter Solstice in just a few hours and, for me at least, the start of a new year. Have a Great Winter Festival everybody, and much (or better) luck for the New Year...
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    Soy Grits?

    Hi! I'm seeking some Soy Grits for my Logan Bread recipe. I've found some on Amazon for just over £10/680g bag, but they want almost £7 for delivery (Amazon seller). Any suggestions as to where I may find some in UK at a less painful p+p rate? Ta.
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    New Maglite (?) Torch: Recommendations Please

    Hi, My ancient and well-loved Maglite 2 cell AA torch finally gave up the ghost so I'm in the market for a replacement. I thought I'd go for the newer LED equivalent to this, which seems to be called something like the Mini Maglite Pro 2 Cell AA LED. Any comments on this torch? Any...
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    LNT Poop to Forest Fire

    Be careful when burning your toilet paper.
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    Campfire Crane

    I'm looking for a metal campfire crane setup for a semi-permanent camp similar to this one at around 5:10 in the Dave Canterbury video. It's a single post from which are supported a crane arm for hanging a pot, and another with a pot stand, e.g. for a frying pan. I did come across some...
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    All-weather Woodland Access

    The entrance to my bit of woodland has got a bit churned up recently due to the ground being so soft from all the rains, so much so that it's very difficult now even for my soft-roader (part-time selectable 4wd) to get in and out. It's been OK up until this year. I reckon that I may need to...
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    Group Size For Mountain Walks?

    I've been asked to lead a summer hike or two in mountains I know well (Brecon Beacons NP). I'm an experienced - mainly solo - hiker but not a qualified Mountain Leader. I'm aware I'll have to do a Risk Assessment and a Route Plan and so on. It's been suggested that the group may be up to 16...
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    Hazel Hurdle Installation - A Question

    I've just bought a few hazel (wattle) hurdles for my camp, along with some chestnut stakes. The hurdles have come with the sails (vertical bits) protruding some 15cm/6" below the bottom of the hurdle proper - where they fitted into the mould. Should I point these and drive them into the...
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    Map Magnifiers?

    I'm looking for a small resilient map magnifier for general use both on the trail and at home. I have one ready built in to a Silva compass, but that lives in a grab-bag and I want to leave it there routinely Any suggestions for a light packable thing? Ta!
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    Trekmates Flameless Cook Box?

    Anyone with any experience or comments on the Trekmates Flameless Cook Box? At £20 I thought it might be a useful thing to keep in the car, or occasional use on a hike. But perhaps not at the original price of £50!
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    American Indians' Contribution To The World

    For those of you with an interest in First Nations/Native American culture I came across the book Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions to the World. Whilst trying to find where I could buy myself a copy I came across a PDF download of the book. If you are interested, this link...