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    hello CBJ never met u but hey hoe ive asked admin to delete my acount as im not a bushcrafter...

    hello CBJ never met u but hey hoe ive asked admin to delete my acount as im not a bushcrafter im more a wild camper. use my vehicle to kip in eat in fish in. dont think living under canvas does me mutch favours. so rather that wasting time ive asked admin to remove me from this forum...
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    NE Scotland Meet Glen Tanar - The Results (Pic Heavy)

    this looks nice welldone all shame i couldnt make it next time thoe.
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    Sea fishing gear Bargain!!!!

    keep an eye on your local lidls for fishing gear,some of the gear is kak,but some also usefull,they sell those tip lights at £1.00a box of 50,assorted colours. the rods and reels are basic,but ok for a learner,wadders avoid like the plague awful leaky things. some of the tackle boxes are ok...
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    aberdeenshire coast

    you could try scotstoun beach up beside kirkton grave yard known locally as the pirates grave yard. they lock the gate around 4pm so know one will bother you after that,aprt from the st fergus plod. or cruden bay beach,but walk to it from whinyfold,this will put yu right at the south end of...
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    N.E.Scotland meet ( Glen Tanar)

    drop me from this as i have a medical issue im dealing with.
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    N.E.Scotland meet ( Glen Tanar)

    can i aslo attend this as i wish to learn more :)
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    campfire talk on BBC Scotland

    understandable really,but taking it a bit far.but due to recent wild fires in the forests you can see his point. i personnally use a fire box,and when it goes on sale a biolite. what date was and what program on radio 2.
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    Any Midgies Out Yet?

    i used smidge the new spray from the scotsmidge forecasting site,last year for the first time,i use to use skin so soft but it never worked,smidge does what it says on the tin,if i had a car load i would have sold the lot to people who tried it. some will say its expensive,but sos can coast...
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    hello all

    new here,live in aberdeen and like to explore aberdeenshire and the west of scotland. not really got involved in bush craft due to me not knowing anyone,who does it up here, so im basically a wild camper and sea angler,but i do make sure i leave an area as i found it, unfortunatly alot a...