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    Joining Rip Stop Nylon

    I've a little project on the go and need to join some pieces of rip stop nylon together. Suffering from SADS (Sewing Ability Deficit Syndrome), plus not having a sewing machine, I'm considering options. A few searches indicate I can use some sort of "weld" using special tape to join / seam and...
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    Underground oven

    Oh! That poor poor starving dog...
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    Clothing that works in sustained Wet conditions

    I really like my Buffalo gear, and have used it for decades, but it has to be down towards 0 degrees C, air temp. or via windchill, otherwise I'm way too warm when hiking. I like to run cool, and then put layer(s) on when I stop. Not really tried it yet whilst canoeing. I favour merino as a base...
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    One Long Walk

    Looks we're going to have to save up our pocket money for a Packraft!
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    Best option for upgrading winter sleeping arrangements?

    Having warm feet when you first go to bed helps enormously. Hence some of the "take a walk first" comments above. Thick wool socks or, in my case, a pair of Rab down bootees, are great for keeping the feet warm in the bag. I have been known to use them in the house when I first go to bed on a...
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    Colder weather van camping options?

    I use a Rab silk liner in my bags. It weighs nothing and is less than the size of your fist when packed. As I understand it silk is thermally inefficient (sic) so the warmth stays where it is rather than being readily conducted away by the 3 Cs. Also minimises the need to wash the bags. If I'm...
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    Archery Bow

    I concur with bobnewboy: try and get yourself some coaching from a club. You may get to try different bows / styles, e.g. Barebow, Recurve, Compound, etc. And disciplines such as target, field. They'll also help with tuning advice for your bow - when you get it! And start with an easy draw...
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    Most used knots?

    Rolling Hitch / Midshipman Hitch (for guys) Bowline Round Turn and Two Half Hitches Anchor Bend (for a very secure version of the above) Prussik Knot Manharness Knot (for a secure loop tied in a bight, e.g. for an improvised tackle) Sheet Bend / Double Sheet Bend Constrictor Knot / Double...
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    Food shortage again?

    According to a neighbouring farmer Welsh farmers count the legs and divide by 4.
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    Pack animals in the UK - access rules?

    A search for "Drove Roads" may find you some. As SarahR said "Must be, somewhere. You can see current bridleways on the OS maps though and they are very common, although not necessarily linking up in any meaningful way.". I believe that some of the old Drove Roads still exist, not necessarily...
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    Pack animals in the UK - access rules?

    Article in the Grauniad: If I recall correctly a chap involved with Free Rein Riding holidays, based in Clyro, Powys, started a packhorse trekking holiday company. I think that's the one mentioned...
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    Map cases

    Another +1 for Ortlieb. I remove the map cover as soon as I get it and refold the map. I highlight the Eings and Nings (in different colours). I do all of them, not just those on the map border. (I use a regular GPS unit occasionally.) It's also useful for planning. I also pencil in the current...
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    Food shortage again?

    Agree about keeping some stocks - you may get ill and not be able to get out, lose job, etc., let alone Covid lockdown food rush. I donate my foodstuffs that are getting close to "best before" dates to the local foodbank. No waste then, at least on my part.
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    Opinel no.10 with broken off tip, WWYD?

    I just sharpened the broken point on mine. Now there's the regular blade, albeit slightly shortened, and a small (3 - 4 mm) blade at 90 degrees-ish to it. Hardly notice its absence.
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    Quote of the Day. No Discussions or Comments please.

    He was not drunk but in a state of superb philanthropy. [A quote from the novel Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis.]
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    Notebook recommendations?

    I've just got myself an A6-sized Moleskine with squared paper which I'm starting to organise into sections. Their website has some free template pages for various things to download, print and glue in your notebook.
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    No cook main meal one packet options

    I keep an eye on the dates of stuff in the cupboards. (Yup, I know - I really should get out more.) And donate stuff getting close-ish to expiry to my local food bank.
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    Grey Water Disposal

    What do you do to dispose of your grey water at your (semi) permanent camps? And wild camps? Collect it and then pack out at the end of the stay? Or dig a soak-away? An old Scout manual of mine suggests the latter, using fine twigs and grass to filter out the bits; then burning the "filter"...
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    "The Art of Travel; Or, Shifts and Contrivances Available in Wild Countries" by Francis Galton has some stuff on getting lost and finding one's way on expeditions. You'll find a copy on Project Gutenburg, and elsewhere I'm sure.
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    How calm would you be ??

    Are you sure that it was milk that your "brave Scotsman" left all over your front seat after that encounter?