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    Still looking for a new tent! (Snugpak Stratosphere?)

    Yes I’m still looking for a new tent and happened across the Snugpak Stratosphere hooped bivvy. Only 1.1kgs and seems to tick just about all the boxes for what I am looking for but wondering if any of you folks have any opinions on it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    British ARMY PCS Thermal jacket “Softie”

    Hey folks, Iam lookin at this item on eBay and wondering how they are sized? This one is listed as Large but are they closer to an XL or a true large? Seller just says a “good” large! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DD SuperLight Tarp Tent

    Does anyone have any experience of the DD SuperLight Tarp Tent? 750gms without poles and supposed to be very fast to pitch and take down. Anyone tried one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Added side pouches to my PLCE bergan

    A while ago I decided to get rid of a few of my backpacks and standardise on an early surplus pack so bought a British Army long back bergen. Loads of space to be honest bit I was intrigued with the idea of getting the side pouches and yoke so I can unzip them off the Bergen when I have set up...
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    British Army ”Softie” jacket

    Looking for something now the weather is rather autumnal and considering British Army Softie jacket and trousers for round camp and in the tent on cold nights. Does anyone have any experience of the item particularly the newer PCS one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lightweight but not silly money tent

    Hey guys, Looking for some recommendations: 1 large man plus gear without seeing claustrophobic Light enough to easily carry Easy to pitch (outer first preferable) Not be crazy money Must stand up to typical Welsh weather Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DD Hamocks 3x3 MultiCam tarp

    Any interest in a brand new never taken outside DD Hamocks 3x3 Multicam tarp? Also comes with 10 meters of DD Cord which is also unused After £30 including Pay Pal fee plus £3.50 postage Will consider trade for any Osprey mark 4 system pouches or complete British Army ration packs...
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    2 LoweAlpine Backpacks for sale

    Lowe Alpine Kibo TFx 65 in black and grey in excellent condition. Only used twice from brand new. Loads of pockets and compression straps and a fantastic backpack that will take a LOT of kit! Adjustable back system and very comfortable to use even when fully laden. £65 O.N.O. including Pay Pal...
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    Becominga full member?

    Sorry if I have missed a sticky post somewhere but what's the cost and how do you become a full member of the forum please ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Radio communications?

    What are your thoughts and experience for short’ish range radio communications? I have been looking at maybe a pair of surplus British Army Clansman radios but the weight is quite off putting for one thing. What have you tried guys? What worked well and what worked not so well? Sent from my...
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    Camera or phone?

    How many of you guys carry a camera with you when you are out hiking? I used to carry a bulky DSLR and a couple of lenses on my hiking trips and camps but to be honest with you I now just take my phone as it takes fantastic images which are pretty much as good and sometimes better than the...
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    British Army Issue MTP ECM Bergen Rucksack

    Does anyone have any experience of using this item listed on eBay as British Army Issue MTP ECM Bergen? Apparently they are made with the mesh part to keep the electronics equipment inside cool? Can also zip on a side pouch on either side to allow an extra 30kg of kit to be carried It zips...
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    Mid Wales meet October 2020?

    Anyone interested in a meet up in Mid Wales around October time? I know of a few good places local to me where we can wild camp for a night and have a good chilled out skill share Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ChoeTech 14W USB Foldable Solar Charger

    Well DPD delivered it a few hours ago so I am now un boxing it to take a look. As you can see from the pictures there isnt a lot in the box, you get the folding panel, couple of mini 'biners, small instruction book. So basically you unfold it so that the panels are visible then connect a...
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    Nice 7 miles

    A nice 7 miles Today although I got caught by a few heavy showers. Disappointed to see a large litter bin floating down the river :-(
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    Solar Charger

    Been thinking about a solar charger for a while and this has really good reviews so ordered one from Looks ideal to hang off my rucksack to charge my phone while I am hiking Full review to follow soon
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    Today's walk

    A few pictures from Todays walk. Left the house at 8 but it wasnt too long before it started to get warm and boy did I lose a bucket of sweat!! Pic of the rubbish by the log is particularly annoying as it's a favourite place of mine to stop for a break. Popped on gloved and spent a bit of time...
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    Lightweight but waterproof

    Iam after a lightweight waterproof with a hood for when I go walking. Ideally should be breathable and having pit zips would be great. A full sized hood that will go over a mountain bike helmet when I am on my bike would be brilliant. Dont want to spend a fortune but willing to drop a few quid...
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    This mornings 5 miles

    Managed a few good squirrel shots and some aerial combat between a pair of birds of prey of some kind :-) Humid with a few showers but a very pleasant 5 miles
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    Todays 5 miles

    Decided to get out a bit earlier tha usual Today so while everyone was snoring their faces off I tiptoed out of the house for my daily walk. Had a nice sit by the river for a while and also stopped to photograph a friendly squirrel. 5 miles all told and before it started to get too sunny :-)