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  1. Tony

    What are the aims & purpose of Bushcrafting?

    When Mors Kochanski used to come to the BushMoots to spend time with us 'bushcrafters' and share his vast knowledge of Bushcraft, he mentioned a couple of times at his frustration with the focus of some people on old skills = bushcraft, he taught us that the people from all those years and...
  2. Tony

    Word association game

  3. Tony

    Getting fitter

    Moving is moving!!!
  4. Tony

    Getting fitter

    good going goodjob
  5. Tony

    Word association game

  6. Tony

    Word association game

  7. Tony

    Catching up

    Wow, loads of stuff, good for you mate, lovely work there goodjob
  8. Tony

    Word association game

  9. Tony

    Farm on the hill overnight camp

    Lovely pics, thanks for sharing, I'd missed this before so pleased it came to the top! goodjob
  10. Tony

    Boazu Bag: A Reindeer skin Ditty Bag.

    seems fine for the most part, I've never had a problem and most people haven't and even those that have it seems intermittent. I completely agree with you on the cost of subscriptions to services etc, it's nuts!!
  11. Tony

    Word association game

  12. Tony

    Boazu Bag: A Reindeer skin Ditty Bag.

    I've looked through the logs and there's been no problems, permissions are all good for people to see the images to I've no idea... Could be a communication issue from your site Gary to BCUK, for some the images re cached and others not... probably not though.
  13. Tony

    edit tool

    I've had a look at all the permissions and used the user permissions analysis tools and there's no obvious reason that you can't edit posts. For a short while I limited it as we had a few people that went on edit sprees that made a lot of things look a mess, but restored it to unlimited for...
  14. Tony

    Hi there

    Hey Steve, I've sorted your account out for you and you're back up and running as Soloman, I've left the email as your new email rather than the one you had on the Soloman account, all your previous posts are moved etc. Any issues let us know. Good to have you back around the place goodjob
  15. Tony

    Trip Report 2 nights out

    looks like a nice cozy setup goodjob thanks for sharing
  16. Tony

    Word association game

  17. Tony

    Hello from Scotland!

    Good to have you Glen, looking forward to seeing you about the place goodjob
  18. Tony

    Word association game

  19. Tony

    Found a cool man-made cave (Hurker Woods, Darley area)

    Great find, I love little mini adventures like that.
  20. Tony

    Word association game