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  • Hey Guest, We've had to cancel our 2020 Summer BushMoot PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information.
  1. Tony

    2021 Winter Moot info

    We're looking to have a Winter Moot from the 15-22nd Feb 2021 so put that date in your diaries. Currently we're discussing with the estate about how it would work given the current Covid distancing, cleaning etc necessities. I think it's highly likely that we'll nail something down that...
  2. Tony

    Can you answer this question?

    We are creating a few new pages for the BushMoot website and we would love your input... Can you give us up to 3 answers to this question, most important first. Question - Why do you come to the BushMoot? Reason 1... Reason 2... Reason 3... Thanks all!
  3. Tony

    Should have been today...

    Sad day, right now we should be welcoming loads of you to the Moot and looking forward to a couple weeks of friends, fun, workshops and sharp things... Hope that you're all great and it's not too long till we're back in the woods together. T
  4. Tony

    2021 Summer BushMoot

    The dates for the Summer BushMoot 2021 are July 26th - 7th August. If there's anything particular that you'd like to see for next years Moot then drop a message in here. We've not started planning it yet but a fair bit will carry over to next year from this year. Thanks all T
  5. Tony

    Dave Budd tells us about managing and processing the Wood he needs...

    Got an article just gone up in which Dave Budd tells us about managing his woodland and harvesting the wood he needs to make tools and craft items. Link here - GETTING THE WOOD I NEED
  6. Tony

    Throwing knives

    Hey, I know it's not very Bushcrafty but it is fun! I'm after some decent throwers, I'm mostly using spikes and some cheaper throwing knives, but I'd like some bigger heavier blades. I'm thinking of making some, has anyone made their own throwing knives? If you have I'd appreciate any designs...
  7. Tony

    Theresa Kampers new website - Tanning and Traditional Skills Courses and Leather Artefact Analysis

    A callout for Theresa's new website. As many of you know Theresa comes to the BushMoot every year and shares her immense talents with us, she's amazing. She's gone live with a new website.please take the time to have a look at her courses and other info on the site. Good luck with it Theresa...
  8. Tony

    Fire by Friction & Magnification

    Making fire using friction, magnifying glass or condoms, come on, you know you want to give it a go! Ask John Fenna for details if need be. Here's the article Fire by Friction & Magnification
  9. Tony

    Making a Woodland Whistle

    Need a new instrument to keep your neighbours amused during the lockdown, here's your answer.... :D Carve yourself a lovely woodland whistle with these simple directions from Mr Fenna! Have a look here - WOODLAND WHISTLE, a neighbours best friend!
  10. Tony

    Review - The Brown Bag water filter

    Ian reviews the Brown Bag water filter from Browns Bushcraft. This great first stage filter is a great addition to your go to kit... Read the Brown Bag review here
  11. Tony

    More tools from old handsaws!

    Here's another article from Dave Budd showing how to make a carving set from an old handsaw
  12. Tony

    Biking to the shops a lot more

    So, with the shut down of most things were hardly using the car, once in the last 2 weeks. We have been getting out on the bikes a lot more, we've a couple of decent eBikes so shopping etc is done on those most of the time and I'm loving it. There's just enough slowing of pace to allow for...
  13. Tony

    Terrific Tongs

    We've put up an article on making Tongs, this might come in use with all this good weather and lack opportunity to get out bushcrafting... you can find it here Thanks for John Fenna for writing it....
  14. Tony

    Spring cleaning

    Anyone taking the opportunity to have a spring clean at home, I see that SCOMAN is in his thread about cleaning the man cave I was just thinking that for many people this is an ideal opportunity to clean some stuff up and some other stuff out. Some of you know that we got flooded mid Feb, we're...
  15. Tony

    Making knives from old handsaws

    We have a new article that can help while away your time during the lockdown. Have a look at Dave Budd's new article on making knives from old handsaws.
  16. Tony

    Making knives from old handsaws

    There's a new article that can help while away your time during the lockdown. Have a look at Dave Budd's new article on making knives from old handsaws.
  17. Tony

    Getting fitter

    Anyone working out more during this period of staying at home? We're doing the Joe Wicks PE workouts and they're good, especially for help motivating the younger ones. Anyone else doing it? If you're doing something else let us know what you're doing. Yesterday we got our little gym area in...
  18. Tony

    Happy online miserable in physical world

    A little whining from me.... My title is inspired by my shopping experience at Tesco early this morning. All week I've seen things online where people are telling others to be happy, posting happy things up and generally being happy and nice... Go to Tesco and everyone is miserable, in my head...
  19. Tony

    Are we buying more or less stuff?

    I was just thinking about the things I'd like to buy, I even started a thread on it the other day :D So, there's aplenty of stuff that it would be nice to have and yet at the moment it's easier to decide I don't need it, or ask myself, when will this get used (I have a theory about aspirational...
  20. Tony

    Tucktec eco Folding Kayak

    Just been looking at this Kickstarter and I rather like it. I know there's been some folding kayaks for a while but these are nicely done, the portability has got to be good thing... Tucktec Kayak on Kickstarter