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  1. Everything Mac

    Good sea fishing spots near Glasgow?

    Hi all, Can anyone suggest a good sea fishing spot for mackerel within an hour or so of Glasgow? Cheers Andy
  2. Everything Mac

    Wanted: Gransfors Bruk Swedish carving axe

    As title. I’m looking for a GB, Swedish carving axe. Double bevel version. I’m not interested in either of the one sided versions. I’ve got some bits to trade. Of note a bark river “Fox River 2” knife. Cheers Andy
  3. Everything Mac

    JB Leather

    Hi all, There was a chap on here that did leatherwork under “JB Leather” Can anyone tell me if he’s still active on here? I can’t for the life of me remember his username. If he’s not on here, can anyone point me in his direction please. He made me a bag a few years ago and I’d like to...
  4. Everything Mac

    Looking for a workshop

    Hi all, Wasn't too sure where to post this but I'm starting to outgrow my current blacksmithing workshop in Glasgow and I'd like to move. So I'm looking for a workshop to rent in the Glasgow/ Ayrshire area. I'd prefer something a bit rural. It needs to be a minimum double garage size...
  5. Everything Mac

    Darth Vader fire pit

    I've been a bit quiet on here of late for one reason or another. Mostly because I've been up to my eyes in it in the real world. Anyway, I thought you lot might like to see my latest commission piece. It was really good fun to put together, if a bit challenging. Started off with an old gas...
  6. Everything Mac

    Forge myself a titanium spoon

    Not quite sure where to put this so mods feel free to move as required. Any of you out there with a military background might appreciate the search for the perfect racing spoon is a long and arduous one. (ie a spoon good for eating from ration packs - ideally with a relatively big bowl and a...
  7. Everything Mac

    Installing a woodstove in Scotland?

    Hi all, The wife and I bought a house a few months back. Full renovation job and it's been a lot of work but we're coming to the point I've been most looking forward to - installing a wood stove in the living room. I've already ordered the stove itself. I understand that building regs in...
  8. Everything Mac

    Anvils: A beginner buyers guide

    Ok chaps - I can't for the life of me remember if I ever posted this here before so mods please feel to move/ remove as necessary. This is a very long read so go get a nice beverage and settle in - we seem to have a number of folks getting into blacksmithing at the minute and this is a post I...
  9. Everything Mac

    Wanted - Mora 510

    I don't suppose anyone out there has a mora 510 they don't want? Preferably in good nick rather than used and abused. Would swap for a forged bottle opener or keyring. Andy
  10. Everything Mac

    Building a gas forge burner

    So I've had to build myself a new gas burner and thought I'd take this opportunity to share the process. I use a gas injector by the company Burlen. They make carburettors and bunsen burners and all sorts of clever stuff. The Amal branded gas injectors are THE best in the business. Not only...
  11. Everything Mac

    Ash for axe handle?

    Hi all, I have a double bit axe had I've had for years that I'd like to put a handle on. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a suitable piece of ash for this? From memory the eye is 3x3/4" and the head weighs in the region of 4lbs. It would need a longer handle - say 36" - So not...
  12. Everything Mac

    I want to run blacksmithing courses in Glasgow

    Pretty much as title really guys, wasn't so sure where to post this though. I'd like to start running blacksmithing courses in Glasgow for Bushcrafters. The plan is for one day courses with 2-3 people. I've enough gear to cover that. Though come to think of it I better make a few sets of...
  13. Everything Mac

    Just in case you were wondering...

    Step 1: take one paper cup - poke lots of little holes in the base of it with something pointy. Step 2: take a tea bag then tear it open and shake out all the tea. Step 3: Place said teabag into said ruined paper cupStep 4: add some coffee, pour in some hot water and voila - you have yourself a...
  14. Everything Mac

    Instaling liners on a factory made knife?

    Hi all, I have a Bark River "Fox River 2" knife purchased while in the states a couple of years ago. Cracking blade but I find the handle a bit thin. Has anyone ever removed the pins from a knife such as this and installed a liner? I'm somewhat reluctant to do it though I'm sure I could. I could...
  15. Everything Mac

    Basic Heat Treatment explained

    Hi guys - wasn't sure where to post this. Mods please move if needs be. I did a little video explaining the basic theory behind heat treatment. Let me know what you think. All the best Andy
  16. Everything Mac

    DIY Blacksmithing video series

    Hi guys, I've been making a series of basic blacksmithing videos on youtube. Have a look and let me know what you think. All the best Andy
  17. Everything Mac

    And now for something completely different...

    Hi all, This is so far off topic I thought other chat might be the best place for it. This is my most recent and first 'big' commission. It's a security grill for a friends door. They wanted the pattern on the glass to be easily visible with the animals taking the centre stage if you...
  18. Everything Mac

    Comrie Croft meet up

    Hello all? It's been a good few years since my last meet up at Comrie Croft. Would anyone be interested in having a reasonable sized get together/ kit swap session in Comrie Croft? I'm thinking something in December time as it stands? Though we could always do one sooner. All the best Andy
  19. Everything Mac

    Wanted - Berghaus Centurio 45l

    Hi all, I'm on the look out for a berghaus centurio for a friend. MUST be the 45l version - with or without side pouches. Please PM me if you have one. Cash waiting. Possible trades for blades. Cheers Andy
  20. Everything Mac

    Food safe wood for skewers?

    Hi all, Quick question for you all, what woods would be considered safe for using as a skewer? Or what woods should I avoid. Everything I read revolves around burning the wood... All the best Andy