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  1. Sieddy

    Another Chopper!

    In keeping with the current theme of big blades heres a pic of the Leuku (Brisa blade and Masur Birch) I am just finishing off. It's my first (owning and making) and I love it! I had to put it to work on some green wood when I got the handle shaped.
  2. Sieddy

    PT or laminated edges?

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone had views on which is preferable (in terms of edge quality, holding and ease of sharpening) for a general purpose knife. Lauri PT or Helle triple laminated blades? P.s. I'm not worried about batoning as I've a leuku and/or axe for that! Ta Si!
  3. Sieddy

    Birchbark puukko

    Hi guys thought I'd post pictures of a birchbark handled knife I recently finished. The blade is a lauri hammered finish 95mm. I really love the feel of that handle!
  4. Sieddy

    Karrimor Jaguar 2 Rucksack

    Hi guys I've this nice old Karrimor Jaguar backpack that doesn't fit me (I'm 5'7" and have a relatively short torso) The ends of the internal frame press against the top of my pelvis when its loaded. It's in pretty good condition given its oldish and had some use. No rips or tears. In...
  5. Sieddy

    For Sale Brandit Ryan M65 Jacket Small

    Hi guys I recently bought this Brandit M65 jacket off Ebay. I'm usually a medium but this fits me nicely except it's a bit tight round my beer belly. It's nice and warm ( no removable liner) and in very nice condition. It was sold to me as new, I don't know if that's true but the tag was on it...
  6. Sieddy

    Sheath making advice?

    Hi guys I was thinking of folding over the top edge of my nordic style sheath. Can I glue it with epoxy prior to wet forming the leather or try after it's made and dry? Hope this makes sense. Take!
  7. Sieddy

    D-ring for sheath dangler?

    Hi guys I'm currently making a puukko and Finnish style sheath but I've not had any luck sourcing a D-ring for the belt loop. Anyone know where I can find one of those that are open and need crimping closed? Thanks Si
  8. Sieddy

    Karrimor jaguar advice?

    Hi guys happy new year to one n' all. I recently acquired an old Karrimor jaguar 2 Rucksack. Its in good nick seems like a pretty decent bit of kit and I love its vintage look. However when I used it at Christmas (sadly just to bring shopping home from Aldi! ) I found it really uncomfortable to...
  9. Sieddy

    Loving the Joker no74 but is it carbon steel?

    Hi guys I got myself a Joker 74 slippy yesterday after umming and ahhing over them for ages. Wish I'd got one sooner as I really love it! The olive scales are gorgeous, the handle shape is a great width and comfy , the blade shape is ideal for most tasks (including spreading butter!) and the...
  10. Sieddy

    For Sale Birchbark and forged blade knife

    Hi guys I'm looking to sell this knife I put together a while back. It's a handforged carbon blade by Killrathi (100mm long, 23mm wide and 3.5mm thick), Birchbark (Siberian) and curly birch (Karelian) handle. Also it has a brass bolster and a green liner Included is a leather sheath which is a...
  11. Sieddy

    For Sale mora bushcraft force

    Hi guys i have for sale a Mora bushcraft force knife. The blade is not in great condition as its scratched on the flats, been poorly sharpened and needs a good sharpen. Also the belt loop on the plastic sheath got a little heat warped at some point. However it remains a great knife and the model...
  12. Sieddy

    Sold victorinox Farmer Green

    Hi guys this is a mint condition unused green Victorinox Farmer with a laser engraved blade. I don't know who did the engraving but it looks like its from the factory. And the green is absolutely lovely! I've still got the box but it's torn at the flap. I'd like £40 in total For the knife and...
  13. Sieddy

    Sold Kilrathi stainless blade blank

    i have for sale an awesome bushcraft blade blank in 3mm Aeb-L steel from Kilrathi knives. The blade is 11cm. It's only been used to cut paper a couple of times. I'd like £25 and £3 postage. Over 18s only. Thanks Si. ☺
  14. Sieddy

    Withdrawn Wenger champ

    i have for sale a lovely Wenger champ SAK in good condition. There are some scratches on the blade, which no longer snaps open and closed, but no blade play or wobble and the other tools are all in good order. id like £35 and £3 postage. Sorry for the poor photos. Over 18's only. Thanks Si. ☺
  15. Sieddy

    Sold case medium stockman cv

    hi guys here is my Case medium stockman amber jigged bone CV steel. It's been used very lightly to whittle a stick and cut paper. Unsharpened and as new, except for some scratches from blade rub. Lovely knife but i dont use it. I'd like £35 for the knife and £4 postage (from Oxford) over 18's...
  16. Sieddy

    Sold Handmade puukko with birchbark and curly birch handle

    This blade was made from an old file by Reuben Gahan who sells knives on Etsy. It's got a stacked birchbark and curly birch handle and a leather sheath I made (it's not pretty but it's solid and holds the knife securely). The knife is pretty rustic, but the blade is wicked sharp and easy to...
  17. Sieddy

    polar stainless tang query

    hi guys I'm putting a handle on a polar whittler stainless blade and I'm planning to peen the end of the tang. Does anyone know if the end of polar stainless tangs are softened for this purpose?
  18. Sieddy

    my first spoon!

    Hi guys I'm pretty happy with how my first carved spoon came out. It's a bit wonky but happily it wonks to the right so its nice for a left hander! It's Hazel by the way which was dry but fine to work. I'm looking forward to doing more now so any feedback would be appreciated. Ta! ☺
  19. Sieddy

    wenger rangergrip 78

    Hi guys I'm looking to shift this discontinued Wenger rangergrip 78 knife. The blade is pretty scratched and ground and the one hand opening is a bit stiff (an issue with the design I gather). But there's loads of usage in it yet, it's a cracking bushcraft/camping tool and I'm selling it at a...
  20. Sieddy

    vic Pioneer Black and Sears stockman for sale

    Hi guys I'm looking to shift these two lovely knives. Both are in really good condition the Vic is as new the stockman is fairly old and barely been used but needs a bit of a sharpen. they are great knives but are not getting used. Victorinox Pioneer Black (sold) Sears craftsman stockman Sold ta