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  1. heron74

    Wanted Bergans lavvo 4-6

    Hi looking for a Bergans lavvo 4-6 man if anyone has one they would like to sell . Cheers Dave.
  2. heron74

    Wanted Leather off cuts

    Looking for leather off cuts to try my hand at making a couple of tinder pouches for me and my lad cheers.
  3. heron74

    Carlisle camping

    Hi all got a question for the group mind, my son has just started uni at carlisle and i was wondering if anyone knows of any places that allow a bit of bushcrafting and hammock camping around there so i can combine seeing him and getting a overnighter in some woods. Cheers Dave.
  4. heron74

    Long time lurker

    Hi folks long time lurker 1st time poster didn't realise how long ago i signed up here :lol:,i've been interested in bushcraft for a number of years but still have a lot to learn even though i have picked up a good few tips from lurking here. I recognise a few names on here from other forums and...