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  1. Alan De Enfield

    Pi££ Poor Preperation

    Four Idiots climb Ben Nevis wearing trainers in the middle of Storm Ciara putting 22 Mountain rescue volunteers in danger. Four 'absolute idiots' are rescued from Ben...
  2. Alan De Enfield

    Seasonal Jokes

  3. Alan De Enfield

    Bit of a cock-up with the road signs !

    In Wales, there's a law saying that all road signs must be written in both English and Welsh. So the Highways Department, when they want to install a new sign, contact the local council who provide a Welsh translation. I assume this is usually done by e-mail, as it was in this instance. The...
  4. Alan De Enfield

    Another Post About "Poo".

    A little girl walks in to the lounge one Sunday morning while her Dad is reading the paper.”Where does poo come from?” she asks. The father feeling a little perturbed that his 5 year old daughter is already asking difficult questions thinks for a moment and says: “Well you know we just ate...
  5. Alan De Enfield

    Anger amid rise in 'dirty camping' in rural Scotland

    Abandoned campsites strewn with litter and even human waste have increasingly been found this year in Scotland's rural areas, say outdoors groups. Locations include beauty spots in the Highlands and hillsides and woodland in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. Hillwalkers and climbers group...
  6. Alan De Enfield

    For Those Of Us Of A 'Certain Age'

    A guy went into a French seafood restaurant and asked to see the dishes of the day. The waiter wheeled over a trolley with a large tank full of various species, and the man examined the dishes. "I'll have the little green squid with the hairy lip, please" said the man. "An excellent choice...
  7. Alan De Enfield

    Lymes Disease - 3x more cases than expected. Cases of Lyme disease in the UK may be three times higher than previous estimates, according to new research. After analysing the anonymous medical records of 8.4 million people from...
  8. Alan De Enfield

    Finger Cots

    Not sure whether to post this here, in 'latest purchase' or 'todays bargain buy' 3 packs of 20 latex finger cots (like little condoms) for £1.03 (inc postage) 3X(* 20 Pcs Disposable Anti Static Rubber Latex Finger Cots Off White. * Fingertip protection with unrestricted movement. * Protect...
  9. Alan De Enfield

    Weird & Wonderful Signs

    Here is one for a starter :
  10. Alan De Enfield

    It Looks Like A Good Year For Sloes !

    We have a lot of Blackthorn hedges around us and they are currently in 'full flower' Its looking like it'll be another good year for the Sloes and the resulting Sloe-Gin. This is one of the half-mile long hedges I was walking past yesterday.
  11. Alan De Enfield

    You-Tube Review

    This is an interesting review of a 'flame thrower'
  12. Alan De Enfield

    Comparing Cooking Fuels

    I have recently been looking to improve my cooking fuels and get 'more bang for my gram' I have been a confirmed Hexamine user ever since working with the Army Youth Team so 45 years ago, sooty, smelly and a little slow, it always gets the water on the boil - even when wet. Part used tablets...
  13. Alan De Enfield

    Lurker Comes in From The Cold

    Hello one & all - long(ish) time lurker now decided it is time to go 'public' Been a 'walker' for many, many years from day walks up Snowden to the Lyke Wake walk, to the Cornwall Coastal Footpath to the Pennine Way. Been 'prepared' since being in the cubs, and well before 'being prepared'...