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  1. MikeLA

    Helly Hansen fibre pile jacket

    Advice please. Own a Helly Hansen fibre pile jacket says workwear on it and is made in Poland. Held the rain like a sponge and before it rained I was cold with it on, wind seemed to go straight through. Any people on here owned and wore one of the these in the 1980s when they were popular ...
  2. MikeLA

    Crusader mk 2 problems

    For years I have used the crusader mk1 and nothing else. Thought I would try the mk2 anodised and have being using it the last couple of weeks but it leaves a bad taste to the water. Anyone Else experienced this?
  3. MikeLA

    Yukon men

    I rarely watch tv, can’t stand the programmes mostly put out but saw this and have been enjoying watching their way of life. Other Alaskan programmes look a bit of a con like Alaskan frontier, too set up and they live close to a town so it’s basically a farming show. What does everyone else...
  4. MikeLA

    Bushcraft and survival skills magazine

    Hi all, Anyone who gets this magazine. Has the magazine stopped during lockdown ? Or have they missed me of the mailing list again last one I got through the post was the March/April edition
  5. MikeLA

    Fallkniven S1

    Out in the garden over the weekend practicing with the S1, love the 5 inch blade over the more commonly used by me 4 or 4 1/2 inch. Just can’t get used to the handle length seems far to small and the width to thin. Does anyone else who owns an S1 have the same opinion on this knife.
  6. MikeLA

    Austrian mountain wool jumper

    I acquired a while ago one of these with the label Brenner Mollersdorf 1984. Size if reading right 17/108 anybody know what size this would be and if it’s an original not a copy.
  7. MikeLA

    Cleaning sleeping bags

    Whats the best method to clean a 95 pattern british army sleeping bag. Bought a surplus one been wanting to replace my others for this bomb proof one for years.
  8. MikeLA

    Cooking repeatedly from food tins

    Help needed I Can’t remember if it’s safe or not to reuse man6 times and cook over an open fire using old food tins/cans. eg soup, bean tins etc. Something about the inner metal or not being safe ?
  9. MikeLA

    small metal waterbottle for use over a fire

    Hi all, I am looking on carrying a very small waterbottle which is good for boiling water. Is this any good for Boiling water in a fire if I have too - Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Water Bottle 18 oz Can you recommend better? Want to minimise my kit (lighten for certain ventures out)
  10. MikeLA

    Berghaus crusader rucksack size 4

    Looking for a crusader size 4. Anybody know a website that still has these at size 4. Can’t find anywhere so far. Thanks
  11. MikeLA

    vango Cairngorm 200, or Banshee 200 or Nevis 200

    finally got my youngest to go to the lakes camping but he wants to do it by tent. Terrible I know but it might encourage him to do more. I like the price and weight of the above 3. Anybody with experience of the 3, the cairngorm might be a new version of the Banshee?
  12. MikeLA

    Swedish M90 Cold Weather Parka

    The Swedish M90 cold weather parka- How warm are they compared to perhaps a snugpak sleeka or another Primaloft coat.
  13. MikeLA

    Mtp pcs Cold Weather Fleece PCS Thermal Undershirt

    Who owns one of these and previously wore the old pattern Norge shirt. what are they like ( have heard they are not very warm) Hanging on to my old comfortable button wrist norgie can’t find good cheap replacements.
  14. MikeLA

    Alpkit brukit cooking advice

    Those that own this model can you cook a wayfarer boil in a bag meal in the brukit mug ? I know you can put a pan on the top but really want to know if it can be done in its mug. They usually take about 8 minutes to cook through. Fancy trying this instead of my usual Hexi cooker and mug.
  15. MikeLA

    British army penknife (3 versions)

    1st version - all silver with the marlin spike 1970 to 1990 2nd version - 2 blade non locking 1990’s version 3rd version - 2 blade locking. Late 1990’s version Going to use these have a play using these knives again, just to see which one is the “best” Not used any of them in many years...
  16. MikeLA

    mors kochanski 1.8L Pot. or the Dave Canterbury similar pot

    Other than one is stainless steel and one anodised aluminium what are the other differences? Who has which and why would you recommend one over the other. Both look the same in design.
  17. MikeLA

    Aircraft hold-all luggage

    are the following allowed in you hand luggage: Compass Firesteels Matches Lighters Safety pins, First aid kits including electrolyte powders Just planning for the future with a potential trip
  18. MikeLA

    Modern British army clothing

    In the 1980’s most of us serving bought a lot of our own kit because the issue wasn’t as good e.g. norgie tops buffalo or softie coats, sas smocks berghaus rucksacks etc My question to those serving now or using post 2013 kit, what do you regard as rubbish and what do you replace it with ?
  19. MikeLA

    Sold Original 1968 Pattern British Army Combat Trousers.

    Original 1968 Pattern British Army Combat Trousers. Size 4. they are of early issue and the type warn during the Falklands campaign. The waist measures a 30 inch waist max, this is without the waistband tabs done up. The inside leg measures 30 1/2". Two side pockets. One field dressing...
  20. MikeLA

    Fire from a plastic bag

    clever idea from the following article