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  1. GlenM

    A Down underquilt in the U.K. ?

    I am searching for a quality down filled underquilt from the U.K. Is there such a thing ? I know about the U.S stuff, Speer, JrB etc but I cant seem to find one from this side of the pond. I bet someone knows something ! Glen
  2. GlenM

    Glastonbury 2010

    Glastonbury 2010 is nearly upon us , I'm taking the whole clan this year which should be fun !! Anyone else going ? Glen
  3. GlenM

    Saddlers Clam Stool

    A friend of the family who used to ride with the local hunt (North Cornwall) decided to call it a day. He asked me if I wanted any of his old tools etc I came home with this. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] It's well over 100 years old and everything still works fine, I'm going to...
  4. GlenM

    Swanndri Rapaki Shirt

    Swanndri Rapaki shirt size Large in olive green £45 plus postage The Rapaki is modelled on the Ranger shirt only it's made from a three layer Windproof , water repellent , breathable technical fleece. It's very warm and comfortable although I've only worn it once. It's size large but...
  5. GlenM

    Snugpak Bergan 100lt

    Snugpak Bergan in Green, 100lt This Bergan is in excellent condition although the female clip on the waistbelt has a small piece missing. It still clips together, all other zips, straps, etc are fine. The main compartment is 70lt and it has two sidepouches that hold 15lt each. It also has two...
  6. GlenM

    North Snowdonia

    My brother and I are off to Llanberris tomorrow for 4 days in the mountains , we are staying in the flat at Pete's Eats. Any members in the area who want to meet up please make yourself known. :D Cheers Glen
  7. GlenM

    MSR Dragonfly problems

    I've managed to get hold of a second hand MSR Dragonfly stove but it wont work. It came without a manual but everything else seems to be in order, I have stripped it down and cleaned everything that I think might be the problem but so far no luck. Does anyone have any experience of this stove...
  8. GlenM

    Wanted Swedish LK70 or LK35

    Anyone want to sell either please pm me or does anyone know where i can get my paws on one, (surplus store) etc, I'd prefer the LK70 . Thanks
  9. GlenM

    Fjallraven Lars Falt Jacket

    Falt Jacket, olive , excellent condition, size Large, has a fine mesh head net supplied but no firesteel, This item has lots of features like a waterproof drop down seat and Fjallraven click in pocket system. Its made with G1000 and has a waterproof Hydratic liner. £80 plus Postage
  10. GlenM


    Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5 - 20 x 50WA Blackgranite finish excellent condition £70 + Postage
  11. GlenM

    3 Peaks Challenge

    In a moment of madness iv'e signed up for the 3 Peaks Challenge, we set off from Ben Nevis on 23rd of June, just wandering if anybody else might be there from BCUK?... and while were at it anyone who has done it before can extract the urine about how much pain and suffering to expect! :) On a...
  12. GlenM

    Buffalo Special 6 Trousers

    Buffalo Special 6 trousers, Olive Green, Brand new with tags, Size 32, £55+ Postage
  13. GlenM

    Air Arms S410

    Air Arms S410.... 1.77cal Walnut Stock .6x40 , Immaculate Condition, Rifle Bag, 1000 Air Arms Pellets + Extras £425 ono , Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5-20 x 50 never used £100,
  14. GlenM

    Rabbit , Rabbit, Rabbit

    Iv'e been a keen hunter for nearly 10 years now, and the main problem has always been finding good places to shoot. Permission to shoot on other peoples land was always challenging, untill now! This past month my shooting buddies and i have been bombarded with almost desperate land...
  15. GlenM

    Silver Birch

    The Silver Birch, a tree we all know and love !... especially today, £3 to win on the national = £123, Thank you!! :You_Rock_ Silver Birch.
  16. GlenM

    Glastonbury 07

    Glastonbury is almost upon us again!!, personally i love it, it brings together 2 of my favourite things, Music and Camping !! How cool is Michael Eavis, not only does he let tens of thousands camp on his land, he even lets you have a fire and supplys the firewood. Of course there is...
  17. GlenM

    "To ask a stupid question"

    Iv'e found myself constantly visiting the BC.UK site for quite some time now and to say its totally captivating is an understatement. The only problem i have is a horrifying dread of asking a stupid question or maybe giving a undesirable piece of advise that at the time seemed ok. The amount of...
  18. GlenM

    Full Moon Fever

    I'm off to Bodmin moor on friday afternoon to take full advantage of the full moon.The forcast is for clear skys, so although it might be a bit cold it should be awsome. The tents gonna get a deserved outing but sadly i wont be having a fire!!, definate lack of trees you see. Anyone else...
  19. GlenM

    Fjallraven Falt Jacket

    Iv;e just took delivery of my new Fjallraven Falt Jacket, and a very smart piece of kit it is to!! Just thought i'd let every one know that the place i got it from has got one left. Its off evil-bay but its cheap so who cares; Its size XL the item number is 170073812567 starting bid is...
  20. GlenM

    its time for an axe

    although i am still new to the world of bushcraft,i feel its time to purchase an axe.i am aware of the virtues of gransfor bruks axes but i"m not sure where to buy one. can anyone help me ??