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  1. punkrockcaveman

    Burnt pan!

    My last meal of rice on the fire went a bit wayward and I let my eye off the ball... now I've got a lovely crusty black mark at the bottom of the pan! Gutted. I've tried two different oven pride style products no luck, so I was thinking some fine wet and dry paper or some wire wool might do the...
  2. punkrockcaveman

    Headed North for 3 nights

    Managed to get a nice stint in over the past few days. The weather was very kind, hardly any breeze (sometimes none at all!) and only the lightest of drizzle on the last night/morning. The red deer were super vocal the whole time. Seals, herons, cormorants, oyster catchers and sea otters all put...
  3. punkrockcaveman

    Blades under 50mm

    Thinking of building a skinny knife with 40mm blade for light whittling, gutting and light utility (I.e. cutting line) It's going to be a partial tang with an undersized handle so it's nice and light in profile, I'll be using 1.5mm x 10mm O1 tool steel stock. This got me thinking, do people...
  4. punkrockcaveman

    Tarred twine / bankline

    A few weeks back out in the woods I found about 20 feet of this stuff, and kept it in my pack as a bit of spare cordage. I used it on a recent trip to lash a tripod together, I was really impressed with the grip this stuff has, feels strong too. So I've been scouring the net for it expecting...
  5. punkrockcaveman

    The ray mears beanie

    I'm on the edge of ordering this hat. I've tried one on in the past, very comfy and warm, I just wondered what the performance is like in wet weather? It's not expensive in the grand scheme of things but for a hat it's quite a high budget in my mind. I'm probably just stalling from spending the...
  6. punkrockcaveman


    Great walk around thruscross today. The pics say it all, an abundance of mushrooms everywhere! l
  7. punkrockcaveman

    'Tuktu' Inuit films

    Anyone watched these on YouTube? Bloomin brilliant. The narration/music is a bit outdated but the footage is fascinating.
  8. punkrockcaveman

    Gas lantern help

    Hi folks. I've been gifted an old veritas gas lantern. I'd love to get this up and running for some winter sea fishing trips, but I don't even know how to turn it on! Any help appreciated!
  9. punkrockcaveman

    Zippo hand warmer

    This has been sat in a drawer for a few years now! Literally used once to test it, then left unused, so the mantle stuff is virtually new. Some slight scuffing on the back as in pics. Comes with little moleskin type bag and fuel measure. £10 posted inc paypal fees.
  10. punkrockcaveman

    Cressi pro star fins EU size 45-46

    Bought these last year in the hope they would fit over my dive boots. Unfortunately they were just too small, and too big for feet alone. They have been used a couple of times by friends but other than that they are in great condition. I'm asking £25 all fees and postage included, paypal only.
  11. punkrockcaveman

    North Devon foragings

    just had a week away in North Devon, beautiful place. Managed a few short fishing/foraging sessions whilst there, thought I would share a few pics. This is my first proper surf bass, I've only ever caught decent bass on lures taken on a big chunk of mackerel. 65cm long, estimated to be around...
  12. punkrockcaveman

    Banana and Bilberry cake

    foraged a few berries tonight, blacks, bilbs and elder. Adapted the recipe from bbc good food website for easy banana bread. Proper yum!
  13. punkrockcaveman

    German army goretex trousers?

    anyone got any experience of these? They look great, I like the braces and the high back just sceptical about the waterproof properties. Look like a real bargain around £20-25.
  14. punkrockcaveman

    edible plant books?

    Hi folks. Looking to really expand my plant knowledge of wild edibles, can any recommend any good books for this? Not really after a general foraging book, I've got a few of those but I really want something plant specialist if it exists, cheers.
  15. punkrockcaveman

    Yew Berries?

    So I came across some ripe yew berries yesterday evening. After reading up about them recently I decided to try them. They were super soft, really watery almost, but kind of sugary-sticky, gloopy like. So I just popped one in my mouth and sucked the juice out of them and spat the pip out as per...
  16. punkrockcaveman

    axe sheath

    I bought this wee axe from Bigbear and it needed a sheath so knocked this up last night. Definitely my neatest leather work yet, the fit is super snug and I'm really happy with the welt. I just need to figure out how to colour the leather, I've never really bothered before as they have always...
  17. punkrockcaveman

    DD underblanket compatibility

    Hi Folks. So I have a dd underquilt and dd camping hammock, which are great, but I struggled to get a good flat lay. The camping hammock is 1.4x2.7m. I'm thinking a bigger hammock is the way to go. I'm looking at a ticket to the moon original, which is 3.2x2m. So noticeably bigger? But not so...
  18. punkrockcaveman

    Bits and pieces REMOVED

    REMOVED thanks :)
  19. punkrockcaveman

    Samurai js300 saw review

    I've been using a small garden centre standard folding pruning saw for a long time now, the blade length is probably 150mm or thereabouts. It does a great job of occasional cutting, but when it comes to putting a shift in it's a little uncomfortable, a little bit inefficient and it can really...
  20. punkrockcaveman

    The makings of a spoon knife

    Phase one complete! My favourite part of knife making. Feels like your giving the metal life. And I'm rubbish at 'polishing' up so the rest of knife making is a bit of a back burner for me! I've never owned a spoon knife so this is all very new and exciting! I've made a kinda crappy mocotaugan...