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  1. Coldfeet

    For Sale British Army, DPM, Tarp and Chest Rigs

    I was having a clearcut, and stumbled across these in my garage. There are two (I think I have a third somewhere) chest rigs in DPM, used but very serviceable, usual surplus smell. £20 each sound fair? Next is a nice DPM tarp. There is a small hole, but this should easily be repairable...
  2. Coldfeet

    Cody Lundin - 98.6 Degrees Book For Sale

    As per title really. I have two copies, so one is up for sale. Brand new, never read. Looking for £10, or open to swaps, collection preferred, but will post at cost.
  3. Coldfeet

    Feather and Down - King Size Duvet and Two Pillows - FREE

    As per title really, I have one king size feather and down duvet and two pillows to give away. Collection only, South Yorkshire area. They are in used condition, but I'm thinking someone could use the filling for something? First to reply to post secures, please follow up with PM so I don't...
  4. Coldfeet

    Cheap 100% Wool Swedish Scarves

    No affiliation, just a happy customer (so happy, I bought two extra for the misses and Boy1) £3.99 delivered
  5. Coldfeet

    Broken Shoe Laces

    I've had a couple pairs break recently, and it got me thinking. What do you do with broken/snapped shoe laces?
  6. Coldfeet

    Natural Moisturiser

    I'm looking for information in a moisturiser made from ingredients as natural as possible, and ideally something I can make myself at home. Has anyone got any recipes or ideas? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Coldfeet

    Rum from Beet?

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried to make their own rum. I know this is traditionally made from cane sugar, but has anyone ever tried to make it with sugar extracted from sugar beet? I'm interested in your stories and experiences.
  8. Coldfeet

    Zebra Pots Twin Pack Woodlore @ @18

    As title:
  9. Coldfeet

    Big Man Clothes: Swanndri Craghoppers, British Army, Barbour

    Having just moved house (again), I have come to realise I have too much stuff, so I have decided to sell some clothes. British Army 95DPM Field jacket in size 190/120 £22 Now £14 Craghoppers short sleeve shirt in grey, size XXL, which is about 48" chest. Slight bobbling on the material, but...
  10. Coldfeet

    Pine Needle Tea

    I've read about this enjoyable drink and it got me thinking. Can this be made with any species of pine, or are there only specific ones? Which is your favourite?
  11. Coldfeet

    Going to Conwy - What to do?

    I will be going on holiday near Conwy in late September, does anyone have any suggestions on stuff to do? Doesn't have to be bushcrafty, but prefer out and about stuff. Cheers!
  12. Coldfeet

    FAO Dreadhead: Please clear your inbox

    That is all :)
  13. Coldfeet

    5.11 Black Trousers XL

    Got a pair of nearly new (worn once) black 5.11 tactical trousers in XL. About a 38"/40" waist and don't fit me, so up for sale at £40 posted. Will also consider swaps - let me know what you have to trade.
  14. Coldfeet

    British Blades - Help with Forum

    I've tried to join British Blades, but it says I've been denied and I need to contact the admin, but I have no idea how, and cannot find the "Contact Us" link it says I should use. Can anyone already a member on there help me please?
  15. Coldfeet

    Army Camp Beds

    I'm after an army camp bed if anyone has one spare, or wants to sell? Let me know :)
  16. Coldfeet


    I'm interested in dehydrators, just wondering which one you use or if you have any recommendations. Also, what do you store your dehydrated goods in for storage/transportation? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Coldfeet

    Sites Near Nottingham

    Hi, are there any sites around Nottingham? I'm looking for somewhere where I can have a brew, cook some dinner and chill out for a couple hours, no overnighters or anything destructive. Does anyone know of anywhere they can share with me? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. Coldfeet

    Plant Identification

    Hi all, I found this whilst bimbling around the lakes, can anyone tell me what it is? No prizes, just for fun :)
  19. Coldfeet

    Leather Care

    Being the proud owner of some nice leather kit, I would like to know how best to take care of it, so it lasts as long as I do. So, any tips or tricks on methods of cleaning, and how to take care of these items please. I have some bees wax, and am willing to use it to make whatever I need to.