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  1. DanBow

    Now sold

    Yes please. I'll pm you now.
  2. DanBow

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Sold to @Hammock_man Send me your details and I'll get it in the post this afternoon.
  3. DanBow

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    @crosslandkelly Received yesterday. Blummin brilliant but what is the black stone and steel all about? I'm at a loss! lol Unfortunately @mikehill has had to pull out so back up for offer is the Staniforths Severquick axe. Dan
  4. DanBow

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Super, thanks. I'll PM you now. On offer now is a small Staniforths Severquick axe. I replaced the wedge in the top if the handle but it might need redoing. Other than that it's in good, sharp condition. I'll put some pics up tomorrow, I'm working nights now.
  5. DanBow

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    I'll take that please.
  6. DanBow

    Made a chopping block

    Thanks for your ki d comments. The height was quite by accident but I have recently watched one of Ben Orfords videos where he talks a little about chopping blocks. He says a good height is so that your knuckles sort of drag on the top of the block. Which it does. So I'm happy. Wooden...
  7. DanBow

    Edgematters unavailable, expired certificate

    I'm getting the same with Chrome on Android too.
  8. DanBow

    Made a chopping block

    Evening all, further to my adventures in spoon carving, I happened to come across an old log seat. You know the type, a hefty log cut by a chainsaw to make a little seat with backrest? Anyway, I repurposed it. In the field opposite my house there is a load of hawtorn growing, so I cut a few...
  9. DanBow

    Waterproof Smartphone 2019 ???

    I've got a Samsung S8+ that's built waterproof. I've taken it swimming in the river and recorded video with it underwater. I've even had video calls in the the shower with it. :joyful: Its rated for 30 minutes at 1.5m. I've got a good case for it, more because I'm paranoid about breaking it but...
  10. DanBow

    Spoon carving frustrations

    Just when I get a good bowl cut going . .
  11. DanBow

    Spoon carving frustrations

    I've only been at it a couple of weeks. So far I've learnt that I need to use the axe more but I'm still struggling on carving the bowl and the intersection between spoon and handle.
  12. DanBow

    Bent carving knife blades from band saw steel

    I like them very much. Good job.
  13. DanBow

    An Ancient Artifact

    I've no idea but I'm watching with interest. The tape and superglue trick is blummin wonderful!
  14. DanBow

    My first spoon type thing

    Thanks for all your kind words. Yes, Another one has been started. :)
  15. DanBow

    My first spoon type thing

    Addictive you say? I got up at 9:30 and carried on after starting it yesterday, I'm still sat in my pyjamas fettling it!! I think I might have already caught the bug! LOL Thanks. The more I look at it, the more I can see wrong. LOL
  16. DanBow

    My first spoon type thing

    Well, here it is, my first spoon type ladle sort of thing. I started off with a bit of Birch and no real plan, just sort of hacked at it. All good though, I've learnt some lessons about the use of the tools and to use the axe more in the initial roughing out stage. Oh, and I need a lighter axe...
  17. DanBow

    Beech Cooker

    That looks ace. Really well done.
  18. DanBow

    Valentines Spoon

    @Kepis that is blummin lovely mate. I'm only just starting out on my spoon carving (what do you call it, hobby? obsession? ), I hope my future work will be as sublime as that. Dan
  19. DanBow

    Next level spoonage.

    I follow Giles on Instagram. His work is truly amazing.
  20. DanBow


    I'm all ways up for a passaround. Did you have anything specific in mind? I'm sure there are enough of us to get one going.