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  1. Dark Horse Dave

    How do I reattach steel bracket?

    This is the lid of my favourite billy can by far - the Tatonka 1.6 kettle. One side of the bracket that the lid handle clips into has separated. Can anyone suggest a way it could be fixed? I should add that I know nothing about metalwork. Or is it time to buy a new one? Thanks a lot.
  2. Dark Horse Dave

    Let's get some more subscribers for Neil. His channel content is very good - well wor

    Added later for clarity (and made easier by doing it with a laptop rather than my phone!): Here's the latest video from Neil (a long-term member on here). It's only a quick taster, but the rest of his channel is well worth checking out (see this earlier thread)...
  3. Dark Horse Dave

    Remind you of anyone?

    Just came across this while looking for something else. It made me think of someone on here but I can't think who......
  4. Dark Horse Dave

    Battle brown 5.11 material patch

    Does anyone have a little patch of 5.11 battle brown material they can spare? I need to patch a small burn hole in some trousers Happy to ensure you're not out of pocket!
  5. Dark Horse Dave

    Siberian big log fire

    I came across this YouTube video the other day. It shows a fire-lay I'd never seen before, and fancy giving a go. Shared here in case it's of interest to anyone else. NB on one of his other videos he makes a far smaller version; this one is pretty big, but looks (to me at least) to be...
  6. Dark Horse Dave

    Pocket hone

    Not very exciting at all this one; really just to show what you can knock up with virtually no expense and which doesn't take a whole lot of time. Here's a small hone I made with two off-cuts of leather from a sheath project and a small flat bit of wood. I stuck the leather flesh side outermost...
  7. Dark Horse Dave

    Mora Classic No.2

    Been mucking about making and pimping stuff lately. A while back someone posted a thread where they'd tarted up their Mora Classic No. 2 (I'll post up a link to it and the YouTube video that accompanied it when I'm next on a proper computer. The guy's name on YouTube is Outdoor Enthusiast 101...
  8. Dark Horse Dave

    Mask for a tomahawk

    Or take-down axe if you like. I picked this one up recently through a sales post on Facebook. It's made by Goldenberg, a French company that I learn was taken over by Stanley in 1980-something, and started trading in the 1830s. I've absolutely no idea how old this one is. I've made a mask for...
  9. Dark Horse Dave

    Bushcraft series from Greencraft (YouTube)

    I think the recent series of short videos from Greencraft deserves a wider audience. Here's the latest as an example. It's well produced and shows a practical, non-Gucci set of kit for a bushcraft excursion. (I've no association with Greencraft by the way, though I have met Neil - who is...
  10. Dark Horse Dave

    Sussex BC group Xmas meet 2015

    Had a wonderful Xmas dinner down in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex last weekend, with a bunch of fine people from the Sussex BC group. I never really think of taking pics when I'm out and about - or any other time for that matter - but on this occasion I did manage to take a few of my set up and...
  11. Dark Horse Dave

    Non-Scandi RWL34 (MCQBushcraft)

    And while we're all thinking about non-Scandi knives and more expensive steels, this new offering from MCQ Bushcraft comes along. For what it's worth this is right up my street in terms of its looks, construction and dimensions, but way out of my price bracket. What do others reckon on it...
  12. Dark Horse Dave

    Sloe gin - can't wait!

    I've been meaning to do stuff like this for ages, being especially inspired by the potions shared around at the Naughty Corner at Bushmoot - though obviously not Mr Budd's! A very pleasant morning's foraging with Colin as part of the Suffolk group's recent Boone Challenge yielded a load of...
  13. Dark Horse Dave

    Ray Mears Bushcraft (TV)

    Just noticed that Travel Channel (Freeview) will be showing this series from Tuesday 13th October (10:30pm). Well, someone might not have seen it yet! :)
  14. Dark Horse Dave

    Ray Mears Ultimate Survival Guide (DVD)

    I see this is now available from Amazon (and no doubt elsewhere). Be aware though that as far as I can tell, it's his earlier Extreme Survival series repackaged.
  15. Dark Horse Dave

    Homemade axe mask

    I was given an old felling axe by my Father-in-law a while ago. I was thinking of selling it as I don't have a great need to fell any trees. It's a nice axe and in good nick though, so instead I thought I'd have another go at making a leather axe mask - more as practice and to teach myself as...
  16. Dark Horse Dave

    Ridiculously oversized ferro-rod

    Why would anyone want or need a ferro-rod this size? Er, no idea really, but I saw something similar on a Dave Canterbury YouTube video and decided I did! I sourced a silly size rod on eBay and picked up an antler roll at Bushmoot. Drilled with an old bit n brace today, bit of glue, a leather...
  17. Dark Horse Dave

    Youtube channel: Primitive Technology

    I came across this video this morning; it shows a chap building a rather spectacular hut using just his hands and a stone cutting tool. Looks to be a recent Youtuber; worth checking out (I don't think it's got any connection with the UK...
  18. Dark Horse Dave

    A modern Good Life?

    Interesting little article on the BBC News website about a family giving up the rat race and spending more time doing outdoorsy stuff: Link
  19. Dark Horse Dave

    The Bushcraft Journal

    Just bringing this to folks' attention (I've no vested interest) There's a new on-line bushcraft magazine available; issue 1 just out: The Bushcraft Journal It costs £3.99 for the first issue. You just pay online & get an instant e-mail back with a copy. It's well put-together: nearly...
  20. Dark Horse Dave

    Yugoslavian / Serbian Haversacks / rucksacks

    There have been a number of posts about these bags, variously described as either Yugoslavian or Serbian haversacks or rucksacks. I've just bought a brand new one for £6.50 delivered from GoArmy, though they are described as used on the website so I'm guessing I may just have got lucky (see...