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  1. MT606

    90's Jeep cherokee's

    Has anyone on here owned a early to late 90's model of the above? Am thinking of getting one as a 2nd car/occasional towing unit and am wondering if there are known issues with them/ things that I should pay attention to if I go look at one. tar M
  2. MT606

    air rifle license in Scotland

    anyone north of the wall know anything about the above? who does one talk to about it, the gestapo or local Gauleiter? If one already has an air rifle or pistol does one not need a license but to buy more one would? Is it a license to buy or own and use? or is it n/a as it's still part of the...
  3. MT606

    cleaning sheepskin gloves

    Can anyone recommend the best way of cleaning some old motorcycle sheepskin mitten innards? m
  4. MT606

    making a hut using living trees as structure

    Having recently moved north of the southern wall, I've now got a fair amount of space to make a hut/man cave/cabin 6m diameter size wise. Anyways I'm wanting to use the trees that are spaced about 1-2m apart (in a circle as it happens) as part of it, the easiest way would be for me to nail...
  5. MT606


    Are there any interesting antiques,outdoor,bookshops etc in said city center that are hound friendly? I'm having to be a hobo there for 2 days this week as I've got to sign legal stuff n I'm having to bring da whippet with me. I live in co durham so haven't a scooby do about where is good...
  6. MT606

    Northern Lights

    Did anyone else see them last night? I only noticed at about 9:30pm whilst letting the hound out. I've never seen them in person so to speak, I thought it was a car with its full beams on coming over the tops of the pennines at first. Most cool :headbang: m
  7. MT606

    meteor shower

    Well I say shower, tis more like the odd drip for the last hour or so from my vantage point...anyone caught good examples on camera yet? Are they coming in from all angles? As I saw most going in some form of westerly but at least 1 was making it a 2 way range going east...
  8. MT606

    brush bristles

    I'm looking for some natural and dark brush bristles, they need to be at least 25cm long, quite thin and uniform/straight any ideas on where to get such stuff? I've tried all of the 'local' garden and DIY shops with no joy......
  9. MT606

    F.I.L's coast to coast bimble part 1 part 2 m
  10. MT606

    Cross fell n a bit of snow n lots of cold.

    went up said 'little hill' :slap: yesterday with the F.I.L crackin views I must say from that height. The only thing I'd have liked to take (which I may do next time if it's snowy, is a sledge for a quick...
  11. MT606

    Weardale wanderings the FiLaws blog..... we should have taken sledges for the return trip but we prefered to walk as apposed to having sails ;-) we got funny enough looks from the 4x4 wombles on the top road as it was....
  12. MT606

    Sheleters shacks and shanties

    found this link just now when looking for old tent photos, thought some people may like it? m
  13. MT606

    a firearms law Q

    a young individual (landlords son) has just been right next to the house (well 15-20m away from the living room ) blatting away( at hopefully rabbits and not our cats)with a shotgun whilst on a quad. Is there a minimum distance required for discharging a weapon next to a residential...
  14. MT606

    replacing down filling of sleeping bag with synthetic stuffs

    Has anyone ever done the above? I've found that my breathing gets cream crackered if I use the down filled bag (which is bloody annouying as I only just bought it, its not new mind, a US 1949 pattern mountain bag but probably made in the 60s).
  15. MT606

    Winter wool fair Hexham

    bit late notice but tomorrow 8th November from 10 -4, in Hexham there is said fair at Trinity church hall Beaumont street Hexham NE46 3LS leaflet says 'an event for farmers, spinners, felters, knitters, weavers and wearers of British wool'. It may...
  16. MT606

    F.I.Ls out n about blog

  17. MT606

    Forum tried to download a PDF instead of website

    did anyone else have this happen this afternoon/evening? I tried getting on here via my fav's, using google etc but kept getting unsafe download warnings..... :hatscarf:
  18. MT606

    Sunday brunch on channel 5 today

    A bloke by the name of Barn ? making wooden spoons and bowls etc, made a nice change from the usual pointless cack on said program, it anyone on here?
  19. MT606

    Cronkley scar, the short way up.

    Not much good at write ups so just pics, only live a few miles away as the buzzard,lapwing,curlew flies so thought may aswell give it a bash whilst I still live nearby wot. ? time for a hot wet what goes up must go down. Injuns and there endeth the...
  20. MT606

    TGO Challenge

    Anyone on here doing it this year?