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  1. arctic hobo

    Norwegian Woolly Jumpers

    They seem to have changed an awful lot recently. My jumper is a blue "Nansen" but when I bought it they told me it was all but the very last one. Seems strange to abandon such a great product :confused:
  2. arctic hobo

    Norwegian Woolly Jumpers

    Dale is the big (touristy) make that is sold a lot over here. They do make good stuff though. I have a Devold jumper that cost about what you named, and I had to get it from Norway - I don't know that there actually are any UK stockists as their official importer last time I checked (about 18mth...
  3. arctic hobo

    Birch Burl

    Sorted now - Brisa sell huge great things for not much at all. Thanks to everyone for their help all the same :)
  4. arctic hobo

    Birch Burl

    Does anyone by any chance have a pretty well seasoned burl they might let me have for a small fee? Promised someone something and left it a little late :( Thanks :) EDIT: only needs to be a bit of one really - size of two fists or slightly smaller :)
  5. arctic hobo

    If I could choose only 1 item......

    ... or compromise on a leuku?
  6. arctic hobo


    I made one a while back from a pattern Toddy kindly explained to me. It's grand, really nice and warm, and yes, you do look quite cool. I might make another soon (after I've finished the ones for my mates :D ) that's thicker for winter. I've some photos but I'm on the wrong PC at the mo, so if...
  7. arctic hobo

    Trip To Norway - Fishing/camping with Torjus

    Looks like a fantastic time, thanks for sharing folks :) I haven't been to Norway for nearly a month now, I miss it :( :D
  8. arctic hobo

    Camping in dartmoor

    I've used Blackator copse several times. It's lovely there, the trees are amazing - but do check yourself for ticks because at this time of year the bracken is extremely thick there.
  9. arctic hobo

    A different shelter design the "Zeltbahn"!

    Yes, the most expensive Fjellduken, the m-ultimate, has a tent conversion kit, which has poles and two end pieces, so you have a small two person or one person tent. However the whole setup is quite weighty then, and the conversion kit is a rather steep 240 quid, so personally if I owned an...
  10. arctic hobo

    A different shelter design the "Zeltbahn"!

    I made one about 18 months ago, following another thread we had on here about them. Mine was of tough groundsheet plastic fabric, so not breathable at all, but since I didn't know anyone else with one I couldn't have made an enclosed tent so it didn't matter. Simon's exactly right: they are...
  11. arctic hobo

    Does anyone know of as many as possible uses for Tallow

    Glycerine is amazing stuff - put it in a large beaker, then lower a small one (make sure it's plain and not ribbed or anything) into the glycerine. You'll be amazed at the results :D (don't worry, it doesn't destroy anything!) Also, I've found that the best way to separate the floating tallow...
  12. arctic hobo

    Gas Guzzlers

    Solar powered? Yes. And the ship uses sail power most of the time:
  13. arctic hobo

    A few cool pics.

    guys, guys, c'mon, enough of the "sexy young lady" comments. 8thsinner, i'm impressed, you seem to have lots of natural/bushcraft kit, though it's a bit tricky to see in the pic! Could you possibly post some enlargements of the smaller stuff?
  14. arctic hobo

    How much to charge for antler?

    I've sold a little before - you may want to split it into quality categories, as some antler is useless for carving or any use apart from stuck on the wall as a trophy. People seem to be quite picky about it! ;) With good reason though I think. You could also cut knife handle discs out and sell...
  15. arctic hobo

    What non bushcraft books do you read?

    Said Aburish's "Saddam Hussein: The Politics of Revenge", Nansen's "Farthest North" (a real tough read... the "full version" is, er, full of ramblings on the nature of boredom aboard a boat for two years!), Edward Fenn's biography of Ho Chi Minh, and Timothy Freke's "Lucid Living" - very...
  16. arctic hobo

    Something different !!

    3 grand can get you a decent Hagglund, although how you'd afford the fuel I'm not so sure... loads of sites have 'em, is one. Awesome vehicles.
  17. arctic hobo

    Something different !!

    You're getting rid of a bandit?? :eek: Can I have it??? g'wan, :You_Rock_ , thanks, drop it off tomorrow? :yelrotflm :yelrotflm Seriously though, how about an APC? Bloke I know in Norway has one, apparently they're exempt from MOT and most insurance... some can do 70mph but they're...
  18. arctic hobo

    signature images

    I think better without :)
  19. arctic hobo

    Please help to protect swedish nature!

    Me too. Maybe one day I'll visit the forest we are saving - I'd love to see a proper Swedish old growth forest. :)
  20. arctic hobo

    Trangia MIni Stove

    I'm rather surprised by a lot of the comments on here. Trangias are very easy to light! The windshield helps, after all. You light a match, hold it to the alcohol... and it lights. It can take several attempts, particularly if it is raining, but it's rarely more than that. If you literally can't...