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  1. jakunen

    No-one camps till April....

    So, just drove to a camping shop near work to buy a new stove for tomorrow's camp as I can't find mine. Saw gas, meths, repair kits but no stoves. Me: Excuse me, but where are your stoves? Snobby shop assistant: We don't stock any until the end of March. No-one goes camping before then. Was...
  2. jakunen


    I've got a utilikilt I use for the rare times I get to go out to the woods, but the apron is far too narrow. So, to any of you that wear them, are there any decent suppliers that make them with a decent size apron?:confused:
  3. jakunen


    Hi folks, Due to life in general haven't been on here for quite some time so thought I'd better re-introduce myself... Father of two, scout leader, bushcrafter (although very infrequent these days). Still living near Reading, and wish I could get out in the woods more...
  4. jakunen


    Anyone on here going to G24 in July?
  5. jakunen

    New ASL

    This Monday my son joins 1ST Woosehill Cub Scouts Kestrel Pack and I join as a trainee ASL. Any advice? I'm loking forward to it as I'll get to spend some proper time with Shehan, get to do some bushcraft type stuff, (Oh great! You've got experience as a bushcraft instructor! When can you...
  6. jakunen

    LTNS and all that

    Hi Guys and Gals, Been away from the site for ages, but now life is settling down:lmao:, I thought I'd pop back to my old friends. Also, my son has just joined the local Cubs and I've been roped in to become a warranted leader :pokenest: so knowing this is a great place for tips, tricks and...
  7. jakunen

    New law on sleeping bags

    A new European law is being introduced to stop all the confusion regarding what actually constitues a 'season' rated bag. From now on ALL manufactureres will have to submit bags for independent external testing and rating and the 'season' classification will likely be dropped. All bags will...
  8. jakunen

    Mel Brooks in the Lake District?

    In true Space Balls style a park warden sold a bottle of 'Lakeland Air', bottled on th summit of Helvellyn, for £60 on evilbay....
  9. jakunen

    South Africa trip 2006

    Oooopsss!:oops: Only just found this in my mail box(Sorry Jake!!!), from the Ashdown meet, ahem... Jake and Steve are looking at going out to do some research and prep work this autumn with the trip being planned for next spring (think we said May?). Anyway, thoughts? Want to come? I'll...
  10. jakunen

    HTML Tech adive required. Please!

    Ok, all you fine folks out there. Need a little help... Only started learning how to use HTML yesterday morning (doing an online NVQ) and have started doing a proper webiste (not cheating and using MS-Pub or DW), and need a little advice. For the opening page of my website I want to have two...
  11. jakunen

    Its good to have freinds!

    Well, it didn't turn up for Xmas as prmised. It didn't turn up in time for the inaugural Ashdown meet. But... The postie just got me out of bed to give me my SwannDri Ranger Xtreme!:hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: And the cost? £50. Its handy to have a mate who lives close to...
  12. jakunen

    Ultimate piece of kit!

    Just finished reading TRAIL and there is one fantastic, must have piece of kit...Must have kit... It even comes in luminous...
  13. jakunen

    Outdoor Adventure Show, Olympia

    Picked up the February TRAIL magazine which had a flyer for the show. Looked interesting. 2 quid off if you book in advance... Surfing, climbing, biking, extreme ironing, kayaking...hang on, extreme IRONING?!?!?!? Was this just a thing to gnab your attention? Or to see if any one...
  14. jakunen

    Free bushcraft wallet
  15. jakunen

    interview with god

    Ok, religious slant aside (I'm an agnostic at best...), this is one BEAUTIFUL slide show...
  16. jakunen

    Should kit be subdued or bright?

    Ok, ws just reading an old e-mail from a friend discussing the merits of colours for outdoor kit. There are three schools of thought as far as I can ascertain: Bright colours. Subdued colours. Military style. The various arguments seem to be: Bright colours are best as you can be seen in an...
  17. jakunen

    Killer shark in Birmingham...
  18. jakunen

    Spring cleaning...

    Noticed that my 'new posts' searches where getting a little longer than usual:badputer: so decided to just have a quick look at my subscribed threads bit on the User CP. 8 pages... 25 listed per page...200 threads:smiley-fa ...delete, delete, delete, delete:type4: time .01 seconds...
  19. jakunen


    I remember reading some time ago that the Longtail tit was extinct in may parts of teh country, including Berkshire. Guess I must be hallucinating as I could swear I just saw about a dozen flitting over my blackthorn, birch and fat balls... Better stop drinking any more alcohol I guess...
  20. jakunen

    See you in 05

    Off until next year so have a great Xmas and New Year everyone and thanx for making this an enjoyable year. May you all get nice prezzies and not get hang overs.