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  1. Oliver G

    Time to get legless

    Good Afternoon All, I've just received the dinky little Petromax FT1 that I bought from Knives and tools and was surprised to see that it came with legs, I called the company up and they were just as surprised as me as I ordered a flat bottomed one and they don't even stock the legged version...
  2. Oliver G

    lighter / trench lighter/ windproof lighter ideas and suggestions

    What about the everlasting matches? they're great for starting feather sticks and are a bit more resilient to the wind. Just be careful when refilling them, I set alight to the washing up water a couple of years ago.
  3. Oliver G

    Tarred twine / bankline

    I picked up a roll of this stuff, absolutely cracking, super strong and nice and grippy for prussicks.
  4. Oliver G

    Other Arms bergan

    PM Sent
  5. Oliver G

    Multi-Tools for Bushcraft?

    What are you after it doing? There is such a vast variety, it'll be difficult to narrow one down.
  6. Oliver G

    Most used knots?

    I learnt the figure 8 on the bight through climbing and it became second nature, it was difficult to explain to my wife how to tie it because it just happens. I only learnt the Bowline last year and it performs much better than the figure 8 but I have to think about it.
  7. Oliver G

    Most used knots?

    As much as I like different knots I tend to not use a great variety while camping, mostly because if they work and I'm tired then I just bang them in. I would say the most used are: Bowline - For guy line ends or attaching a line to a prusic loop Reef knot - To make prussick loops Prussic loops...
  8. Oliver G

    Canoe touring advice needed.

    There are a few places on the Trent that you can hire a canoe for a couple of days, camp out then they will pick you up at the end, if you finish up near Swarkestone I can always run you home.
  9. Oliver G

    Carrying a bow

    Good Afternoon All, I'm hoping to tap into the hive mind here. I've recently picked up a takedown bow which is great. I can set up a little range where I normally go camping, but the issue is getting the bow there safely. I'm currently using the 45 litre bergan with rocket pouches on, does...
  10. Oliver G

    Clothing that works in sustained Wet conditions

    Layers and wet dry routine. I tend to run hot if I'm working or moving about with a bergan. I'll typically wear a T-shirt (Mountain warehouse Endurance ones are nice and cheap) and a jacket to keep stuff in pockets. If it starts to rain then a cheap goretex jacket, and if it lashes it down...
  11. Oliver G

    What to do with old screws?

    i just had to check the black book to see if M9s existed, they didn't pop up in my Zeus tables, have you tried RS components?
  12. Oliver G

    What to do with old screws?

    I've moved house every couple of years since I've been born and the amount of rubbish that builds up even in that short time is astounding. I've always bought the bare minimum to do a project so often there is very little left over to dispose of. I would council against myhermes, I sent a food...
  13. Oliver G

    What to do with old screws?

    I've taken to putting stuff in jars all organised, then taping the lid shut with a bit of masking tape with the date on, occasionally then checking the date, if it's not been used in a year then it goes in the bin. Plan projects around what you have as well, you'll often find you work pretty...
  14. Oliver G

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    I have to ask what on earth is a squirrel cooker? In my head it's either a teeny weenie spit roast set, or it's a stuffed squirrel dressed as a chef.
  15. Oliver G

    Dairy Free Cheese Fondue

    Oil Fondues used to be an annual tradition when I was a child, along with the annual burn. My concern is the disposal of the oil after the fondue, if we're out camping then I'll have to wait for the oil to cool to re-bottle it, While I'm not concerned about reusing oil, letting it cool away from...
  16. Oliver G

    Dairy Free Cheese Fondue

    Good Afternoon All, I treated myself to a little FT1 dutch oven which should arrive soon. I plan on doing a fondue with a couple of mates while we're out but I want to do a quick trial at home just to check out the dutch oven more than anything else, At home we're gluten and dairy free, has...
  17. Oliver G

    How do you clean your swiss army knife?

    The newer nylon brushed don't work so well, they ones with the grey bristles about 0.5mm diameter, the older ones with the beige bristles work best for me, generally it a wipe in the knife and then a wipe on the leg to transfer the dust somewhere else. The little sponges on lollipop sticks I...
  18. Oliver G

    Board Game Suggestions.

    I second Banannagrams great game if you have a flat surface. If there's 4 or more of you Dixit is a good game, it gives you a good look into how the other player's minds work.
  19. Oliver G

    How do you clean your swiss army knife?

    The little nylon brushes you got in the SA80 cleaning kit are great for getting bits of dust from underneath the hinge pins of the knife. if the brushes have been well used then the oil holds onto the nylon and pulls dust and debris out, once it's all cleaned then a drop or two of oil on the...
  20. Oliver G

    Lords Wood October 30th-1st November 2020

    1. Woodspirits 30~01 2. Oliver G 30-01