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  1. scottishwolf

    A few pics of lochs

    Starting to get into photography a bit so thought I'd stick a few of my pics up. Any advice or critisism as to how I can improve them welcomed folks. The camera is just a cheap Fujifilm Finepix bridge camera with the exception of the Loch Bradan pic which was on my phone. :) Loch Rannoch...
  2. scottishwolf

    condor Kephart

    I've got a brand new mora robust I'll trade for the kephart if still available.
  3. scottishwolf

    latest one tactical in 5mm o1

    Love it! :cool:
  4. scottishwolf

    British Army Wool Socks - only in white?

    I used to get the arctic socks from British military surplus at 50p a pair (grade 1) now up to £4 and £10 new! Even seen them for £20 new a pair online lol. Bloody good socks but would never pay that for them. Glad I bought loads when I did. Would it be possible to dye them at all? Mine have...
  5. scottishwolf

    USMC Tactical knife

    P.S. I do like the look of their ESEE 6 clone, Get's good reviews too :) As does the ESEE 3 copy
  6. scottishwolf

    USMC Tactical knife

    I just ordered one of these from here: I understand you have an additional kydex sheath but might be worth adjusting your price a wee bit considering they are only £29.99 new. Sorry if this post is out of order but just...
  7. scottishwolf

    tactical style bush in 5mm o1 long soaked blade

    That's stunning! Really wish I hadn't just ordered a few things from Heinnie's now :(. Good luck with the sale
  8. scottishwolf

    New member in sunny Scotland

    Welcome mate, where about's in sunny Scotland are you? :)
  9. scottishwolf

    Isuzu Rodeo

    Good to hear it's the Isuzu version. It was also sold as the Vauxhaull Frontera. Unless it's the first of the new type Rodeos. If not, thankfully yours has the Isuzu engine by the sounds of it though which is pretty much bomb proof. Had both the vauxhaull and the Isuzu and built a decent one out...
  10. scottishwolf

    Saving my sole...

    Nice one, I restored a Stanley No.4 myself recently too. It's was my grandfathers and well used, but after some tlc it looks almost as good as yours. It kickstarted an interest in restoring old woodowrking tools (which, believe me, is addictive). Trawling car boot sales for old cabinet makers...
  11. scottishwolf

    latest bush knife 4mm o1 and canvas micarta

    looks bloody nice to me. Clean lines and flawless too. Real craftsmanship there mate.
  12. scottishwolf

    Friday night disco time!
  13. scottishwolf

    Friday night disco time!
  14. scottishwolf

    Sunglasses help

    Had the same question for ages Tam, best and cheapest option. Daily disposable contact lenses dude. £33 for 30 pairs, can use them when fishing, shoting, walking etc and don't need tae bother about rain on my specs. Cheap pair of nearly indestructable polarised sunglasses and yer laughing...
  15. scottishwolf

    Show us your carving kit

    A mix of Flexcut knives, ones I have made myself and some very very nice custom ones from Lee Ferguson in the states. Got plenty more but these are the most used ones. I've started carving figures now too so the tools change all the time :)
  16. scottishwolf

    Show us your carving kit

    links didn't work, gimme five :0
  17. scottishwolf

    On dealing with prawns.

    Eating them is perectly fine with the shells on. In Vietnam they eat most if not all shrimp/prawn species with shell on. Pull the head off, sook out the tasty stuff then eat it. Followed by the legs, shell, meat etc from the rest of it. It takes a bit to get used to the texture that us Brits...
  18. scottishwolf

    Postmen (and women), what boots do you wear?

    He tried Doc Martens and they were murder on his feet and knees. His knees aint good already but he likes the job and soldiers on. He has finally made an appointment to see the orthopedic consultant after us telling him to for the last 3 years. Just hope there's not too much damage done.
  19. scottishwolf

    Postmen (and women), what boots do you wear?

    Hey folks, I have a mate who is a postman and is managing to go through a pair of Hanwag GTX boots every 3-4 months:eek:. Had them resoled twice but they just don't seem to be lasting well at all. He's looking for a good, hard wearing but comfy for tarmac pounding, 15 miles a day! He's after...