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    For Sale Bear Grylls trousers

    Bear grylls stretch trousers by craghopper. 32 waist 34 leg in black pepper. Worn once years ago so like new. £30 inc U.K. post.
  2. WULF

    For Sale Low alpine/ogio daysacks

    More impulse purchases,Both brand new unused rucksacks. low alpine edge 18LTR £42 £35 Ogio backstage 12.5LTR £48 £40
  3. WULF

    Sold Osprey 24 seven daysack

    Brand new and unused osprey 24seven daysack £40
  4. WULF

    Withdrawn £25 knives

    All £25 each £22 Sarge whittler Colt utility scout Böker plus J.adams boat knife All brand new and unused Over 18’s please
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    Withdrawn Titanium space pen

    Titanium nitride fisher space pen,new including blue velvet presentation case and additional pocket clip. £52 £45
  6. WULF

    Sold Millington friction folder

    Buffalo scales with brass liners and filework. Comes unused with certificate. £75 reduced to £65 now £55 Over 18’s only
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    Sold Stone waves friction folder

    New and boxed. Carbon blade with oak scales with carbon pins. 85mm cutting edge,210mm long £68 now £55 Over 18’s only
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    For Sale Various Chinese folders

    Top to bottom Sanrenmu £18 Magnum bonsai £18 3 Chinese bean flippers £30 each Over 18’s please
  9. WULF

    For Sale Various rough riders

    Part of my small collection-All brand new and boxed. Top to bottom Congress Small bone canoe 2 bone canoes Miniature bone canoe £50 or will split. Over 18’s please
  10. WULF

    John Millington knife value advice

    Can anyone help give me advice on value of this friction folder by John Millington as I want to sell but have no idea on value.Icant find anything on the web or here about it... It’s 01 in black buffalo with brass liners. Advice appreciated.
  11. WULF

    For Sale Various copper and brass Edc

    I made these last year but since stopped making so I’ve selected a few to sell. Copper and brass selected edc items,paracord beads etc Top row copper and brass sliding beads-£35 each 2nd row brass paracord beads £25 each Bottom row various selected £42 each. All including uk post. I’ll discount...
  12. WULF

    Sold Olight S1A raw copper

    Comes boxed with lanyard and instruction booklet.Olight S1A raw copper .Even though I’ve never used it it has a lovely natural patina . Excellent condition. £45 now £40 including uk trades thanks
  13. WULF

    For Sale James knife ‘elko’

    James ‘elko’ knife with hammered copper scales by me.unused with original packet.great little pocket knife. £85 ncluding uk delivery
  14. WULF

    Sold Leatherwork tools

    £30 inc uk post brand new eyelet tool with eyelets and Brand new Leather craft kit,awls,needles,stitch markers,edge burnished,beeswax,waxed threads,edge trimmer and two pieces of veg tanned leather.etc
  15. WULF

    For Sale Various knives

    Prices includes uk post.over 18’s only please Top to bottom Manly patriot D2 steel £40 sold Cold steel Finn bear £15 Kershaw shuffle £18 Rough rider Congress £13 Rough rider bone Barlow with scorched scales £15 sold Spyderco friction folder £75 very lightly used sold All brand new from...
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    Sold Spyderco friction folder Reduced*

    spyderco friction folder,boxed with carry pouch good condition. I purchased from here 2 weeks ago. I would like £100 NOW £90 now £85 inc RMSD
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    Friction folder

    As above any considered so try me PayPal ready;)
  18. WULF

    Michael Morris ff

    looking for a Michael Morris friction folder,anything considered PayPal waiting.
  19. WULF

    Opinel no7 modified

    A little mod on my opinel no7
  20. WULF

    Kershaw pub modified

    Great little pocket carry now wearing a copper jacket :) My Instagram page -@wulftags67