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  1. gsfgaz

    vikings ,...... what an amazing series ,, if you,ve not seen it ,, watch it you wont be disappointed ,,,,,
  2. gsfgaz

    A wee video of a walk up Ben Donich , Argyllshire ... it was very wild
  3. gsfgaz

    Macro shot

  4. gsfgaz

    THE 5 LOCHS BLOG , [National park ]
  5. gsfgaz

    Glen Coe weekend , pics heavy ....

  6. gsfgaz

    The scottish trail ,
  7. gsfgaz

    Tick bite ,,,
  8. gsfgaz

    Christmas in Glen Coe

    Me and Gill are trying too organise a xmas doo ,, i said Glen Coe for the meet ... i'm open to idea's ,, anybody up for a christmas doo in the coe ...
  9. gsfgaz

    WTD Wool BLankets ...

    looking for a couple of these .. pm me please
  10. gsfgaz

    Happy Birthday Col

  11. gsfgaz

    Tempest.. Dylan The mans a legend ...
  12. gsfgaz

    Dutch oven

    Anybody got an dutch oven they dont use anymore ..
  13. gsfgaz

    Midland game fair is anybody going to this , been a few times , got my ticket for this year it's a right good weekend ...
  14. gsfgaz

    Two buoyancy aids required

    Hi there, I'm looking for the following; Two buoyancy aids, one for my wife who is a size 10. and one for my 13 year old son. Can anyone help, cheers gaz
  15. gsfgaz

    Sea Kayak for swap

    :D:D Looking swap my sea kayak , for a family boat , a pelcan an old town or a sevylor colarado ,or Hudson ..or some thing for a true beginner , my boat is in really good nick , it's got a rudder and a bulge pump on it ,, i dont get the use out of it , so i think would be better with an open...
  16. gsfgaz

    Happy birthday Filcon

    awe best buddy , have a rer day ..
  17. gsfgaz

    Mr Grylls in Ayrshire today ...

    Me and Sean met him today , he was a very down to earth guy ,,, sean got his dvd box set signed he was so chuffed .. a very good day
  18. gsfgaz

    Weekend ..

    any plans for a wee trip .. any were ..
  19. gsfgaz

  20. gsfgaz

    Compound bow arrows

    Anybody please ...