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  1. luckylee

    some of my recent builds

    hi all thought i would share with you some of my recent builds. hope you are well first up is my camp and fields IMG_3577 by lucky_lee, on IMG_2726 by lucky_lee, on Flickr and then some field and forests IMG_3477 by lucky_lee, on IMG_2643 by lucky_lee, on Flickr then some uk legal friction...
  2. luckylee

    titamium frame lock THE TITUN

    hi guys hope your all ok here is one my frame locks i have just finished d2 blade titnium g1o custom clip custom pivvot IMG_1518 by lucky_lee, on IMG_1515 by lucky_lee, on IMG_1521 by lucky_lee, on IMG_1491 by lucky_lee, on Flickr hope you like it take care lee.
  3. luckylee

    uk legal friction folders

    hi all here are some folders i have just made for customers these are uk legal friction folders i make these in sabre and scan grind these are made from titanium and d2 blades.. custom pivot and clip. The Titus uk legal friction folder by lucky_lee, on IMG_1204 by lucky_lee, on IMG_1194 by...
  4. luckylee

    some knives and leather work from

    hi all hope you are all ok first up is a ne frame lock i have made full titanium custom pivot and clip d2 steelIMG_0916 by lucky_lee, on Flickr with my ptergio thats has some series use the last 6 monthsIMG_0603 by lucky_lee, on Flickr next up is my bushcraft beltIMG_0457 by lucky_lee, on...
  5. luckylee

    Hunting jacket

    Hi all, I'm looking for a recommendation please for a decent quiet hunting jacket fir this winter please.. i have about 150 to 200 to spend, any body who gets out there and uses there jacket or had a good recomendation please must be quiet any help would be appreciated I have looked at the Swazi...
  6. luckylee

    some stuff from me

    hi guys hoe you are all well and keeping ok... here is a few bits from have got a few mins for a change lol, and thought i would update and show you what i have been making for me customers there is much more but have not had chance to upload the rest yet and lots more to do but here is a little...
  7. luckylee

    custom frame lock and a few bits from me

    hope every one is well i can't tell you how proud i am of this achievement as some of you no my dream has been to make frame locks, i have had to learn so much machining all sorts. but I'm getting there here is one my models I'm making for customers the ptergio this will be made like this and as...
  8. luckylee

    here are a few bits from me

    hope you are all well. here is a few bits from me that i have done for customers and what I'm working on hope you are all ok. first up is a MISSING LINK i just completed for a customer. this one is in desert iron wood d2 mosaic MISSING LINK in desert iron wood by lucky_lee, on P1050164 by...
  9. luckylee

    new model the field and camp and a couple more bits from me

    here is a new modle to add to the website, that will stay. its the camp and field. this has just found its way to its customer. its 5 mm O1 6 inch blade 5 inch handle brass pins and black liners P1040907 by lucky_lee, on camp and field knife made by me by lucky_lee, on P1040949 by lucky_lee...
  10. luckylee

    my new design FIELD AND FOREST scandi, and another modle.

    hi all i have finally made my first scandi, i have to say to date that that i have made that many knives this scandie grind i have found the hardest to achieve free hand but i did it, i ant start to tell you how proud of this design i am i really needed a knife like this which i have called the...
  11. luckylee

    a few bits from me knives and leather

    hope you are all well here is a few orders i have completed just lately i was commissioned by a customer to make one of my knives he wanted a STEALTH he wanted this knife to be in D2 and to be 5 mill this this knife has exhibition grade burl and mosaic pins IMG_6019 by lucky_lee, on IMG_6022...
  12. luckylee

    merry christmas better late than never

    hi all, i would just like to wish you all a very merry christmas sorry its a little late, but better late than never i would also like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the orders and all the kind words you have given me this year it has been a very hectic and manic year for...
  13. luckylee

    a missing link and leather sheath

    a missing link i have just finished for a customer hope you like it this one is in O1 i have a couple more to do in D2 IMG_1786 by lucky_lee, on Flickr thanks for looking take care. lee.
  14. luckylee

    a few bits from me

    hi guys i hope you are well, i miss you guys, sorry i have not been on so much of late just trying me best to make it all work. if you would like to see more of what I'm doing. you can follow me on instagram lbcustomknives you will see a a lot of work in progress with the leather that I'm...
  15. luckylee

    leather belt

    i was asked by one of our great members to make him a leather belt for wearing on the outside of his clothes when out crafting. i made this out of premium buffalo hide 5,5 mill thick with a solid stainless steel antiqued belt buckle to complement. this was all hand sewn, now this is 60 inch...
  16. luckylee

    missing link and tooled sheath

    i was asked by a customer to make my missing link he wanted this one hollow ground, its 5 mill thick o1 tool steel, micarta scales, and mosaic pins.IMG_5644 by lucky_lee, on IMG_5648 by lucky_lee, on Flickr i have a few knife orders for customers that I'm working on, will post them up when all...
  17. luckylee

    some of my work

    first up is a sheath that i have done for a entrek buffalo i think its called a lefty handed sheath love to make sheaths for the lefties as i no they struggle to get what they need. he wanted this to hang below his belt when out in the field. hope you like itIMG_5613 by lucky_lee, on IMG_5615...
  18. luckylee

    something that pushed my skill level

    hi lads, hope you are all ok, sorry for not being on so much just lately have been so busy, with the knives and the leather. this bag was commissioned, by a customer, and to be honest pushed my skill level, this is completely hand made, no machines, no drill all by needle pricking iron and awl...
  19. luckylee

    a few bits from me

    hi guys hope you are all well, sorry i have not been on so much lately just been so busy with the knives and the leather work i have been working really late and just havnt had the time just lateley here a few bits i have made of late, been working on something a little special too, which will...
  20. luckylee

    A couple of knives i have made, the missing link. and my first sale

    This is a knife i made for a customer, i call the missing link, this was hollow ground, 5 mill o1, 8 1/2 inch long, and 4 inch blade, this has been ground by hand no jigs no platen, and my first attempt at hollow grinding, to be honest i was crapping me self, but i got there, it has tuffmol...