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  1. Andy BB

    Aluminium cleaning?

    Issue here is cleaning the inside of aluminium bottles (or aluminium Kelly/ghillie kettles etc) where it is impossible to get at the surface directly. With glass you can use various chemicals (and false teeth cleaning tablets!), but I understand that it's not a good ide to use these on...
  2. Andy BB

    Stuck-on Weetabix...

    As all parents know full-well, the most adhesive substance known to man is Weetabix, mixed to a paste with milk and left to dry. Why have we, as bushcrafters, not as yet found any uses for this remarkable product? I await your suggestions with great interest..............
  3. Andy BB

    Vital stove clone

    I've had a Vital stove for a while ( ) and been very happy with it. It is, without doubt, the fiercest stove I own (a claimed 20,000BTUs) - nearly 6kw) and will boil water or melt snow significantly faster than any of my petrol or paraffin stoves. the heat can...
  4. Andy BB

    Wally to the Arctic...

    Just a taster, as I'm currently en route to Lapland. But no road-trip to Sweden would be complete without a side trip to Mora's factory outlet. A couple of photos...
  5. Andy BB

    What to wear in your sleeping bag

    I know this has been discussed in the past, but couldn't remember if we came to any conclusions! So - is it warmer to sleep in the nude/baselayer, or fully clothed? My own experience is the former, although it may depend on the bag itself. I think it has to do with trapping, or not, the...
  6. Andy BB

    Winter camping spots near Kittila, Jokkmok or in that general area!

    Looking for some recommendations on good spots to camp. Thinking about Mid-November and it would be useful if I could get a vehicle reasonably close - 1-2km in deference to my age and general unfitness! Want it to be above Arctic circle and ideally close to a lake. Nothing like a good frozen...
  7. Andy BB

    Ray's mouth costs him £10,000+

    Poor old Ray. Accepts a 5-figure sum to speak at the Caravan show, then gets dropped when he lays into caravans in a huge way on Room 101.
  8. Andy BB

    off-grid power - discussion re Powerpot 5, Biolite, Vital stove, other options etc!

    I've played with the Biolite stove and am not particularly impressed to be honest. The charging function (and the fact that it was shiny!) was what first attracted me to this bit of kit, as on longer trips - particularly in sub-zero conditions - having an effective means of re-charging phones...
  9. Andy BB

    Roll-up toboggans - anyone got some pics?

    Pretty much as title! I'm particularly interested in pics of these toboggans in a rolled-up state. Cheers.
  10. Andy BB

    Methanol the killer

    Methanol-contaminated booze kills 100+ in India. A good fuel, but it is nasty stuff, so take care with it!
  11. Andy BB

    Not for the ultra-lighters...
  12. Andy BB

    Just a thought....

    Was idly thinking about recommendations to use tennis balls to provide a "big foot" on chairs to stop them sinking on soft surfaces - a very clever idea (particularly if you are a bit heavier than average!). Anyway, one of the problems of using tarps etc as covers*(and many small tents) is the...
  13. Andy BB

    Breathable AND waterproof? Wiggy thinks not!

    I must admit to being a big fan of Wiggy's kit - in my experience it does what it says on the tin. And he's the ONLY sleeping bag manufacturer to both recommend you wash his kit as often as you like in your washing machine, and also offer (and apparently honour) a lifelong warranty on his bags...
  14. Andy BB

    Now that's what I call a sled....
  15. Andy BB

    Reusable fire starter - maybe!

    Many of us on here use "magic biscuits" as fire-lighters/tinder. However, they can be a bit messy to make, and is a guaranteed way to upset "her indoors" during the process as you melt the wax in an old tin on the stove (and I speak here from bitter experience!) The normal use for these in my...
  16. Andy BB

    New Sevylor Colorado delivered for £225 Half price. Looks like its the earlier version but still cracking value.
  17. Andy BB

    Meta 50 stove - excellent review

    Just came across this on youtube. Probably the best review of all the options of using these that I've seen. This is one of my favourite stoves, and this video explains why!
  18. Andy BB

    Northern Sweden weather/snow at present/next 3-4 weeks?

    I was intending to drive up to Northern Sweden (basic route, once in Sweden - Mora (for obvious reasons!) - Jokkmokk - then upwards until the road runs out! However, for various reasons ( I was initially going to go mid-end January), I can't get away until possibly a week next Saturday (ie 22nd...
  19. Andy BB

    Heads-up - 24cm Tefal non-stick frying pans at Sainsburys £10

    I've used the larger version of these at home for years, and they're brilliant! The 24cm version may not be ultralight, but a really nice piece of kit nevertheless, and reduced from £20.
  20. Andy BB

    Wool blanket coat etc without cutting or stitching...

    I'm sure many of you are familiar with this, but I found this on youtube, and thought this was a good practical description of it.