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  1. xylaria

    Fi, me and a van called Red.

    here is the blog post with how hard is it to get to the easy life. [there is a simple big of foraging thrown in too]
  2. xylaria

    Stupidly Simple Bug Oil

    Pine tar and coal tar are different things entirely. Creosote is present in raw pine tar is removed from the pine tar that is sold in EU. The pine tar soap that is made in the USA is also creosote free and completely safe. Pine tar is on the EU list of permitted ingredients...
  3. xylaria


    I have never come across that amount of walnuts outside of London. Reading around like plums they need a mild March to set fruit. I am in Llanelli we don't get much in the way of frost. There is even a fig in farmfoods carpark that fruits reliably.
  4. xylaria


    Hands up who being collecting walnuts, ahh yes, are they going to still be black by Christmas, because mine are. We found four trees of walnuts that had dropped their fruit after the hurricane, so will filled two rucksacks and the bike paniers up. The outer shells contain phenols and smell...
  5. xylaria

    Those with burdock root experience

    The seed will be ready from now-ish. The Japanese certainly eat it. It is pretty east to grow once it has germinated. it requires no care, but it gets bigger if fed some well rotted manure.
  6. xylaria

    Those with burdock root experience

    By woody in second year it would be like grinding up a piece of drift wood. What I do is clock the first year growth roots and put a marked pebble or stick upright next to them. it means in winter when the roots is at its best you know where to dig. Burdock given a choice grows in rocky ground...
  7. xylaria

    Pine Tar Soap

    Sorry for the delay in replying, we have been staying away from house quite a bit doing some off grid living. Please PM for orders. Apologies to Mark and shaneh.
  8. xylaria

    Pine Tar Soap

    Veggie pine tar, now available 3.60 for 150gms at least. Sorry for the price difference but the raw ingredients cost more. Postage 1.20 for one bar 1.40 for two and 2.60 for three or more or combined with other products.
  9. xylaria

    Stupidly Simple Full range Mega thread

    Edited the first post, as the bug oil now comes in a smaller handy size and is a bit cheaper. I have made a batch of veggie pine tar which will be available for sale in two weeks, unless it stays foggy. The neem oil soap is still available , I also have scrap soap if anyone wants to degrease an...
  10. xylaria

    Umbellifer advice is this Honewort?

    looks most like wild carrot, the pink clustered unopened one looks right. Previous post went through correct features, re purple one in middle and feathery bracts. They are quite common near me.
  11. xylaria


    Yes. Send me a PM with email address and I will send out an invoice. I am doing a free sample of an new handy product as well at moment for you to try out. Sent from my MEDION E4506 using Tapatalk
  12. xylaria

    The Ultimate "What is this Fungi?" thread.

    It can be consumed for medical reasons. It is an immune system modulator. It is boiled into a drink if you are feeling rundown. There is quite a lot of research into it medical properties. Sent from my MEDION E4506 using Tapatalk
  13. xylaria

    Using your produce?

    From what I grew or foraged, I have one pumpkin left, but plenty of oca and mashua. In the cupboard I stil have plum sauce, pear in jars, suaerkruat, ketchup, pickled samphire, and the worst of the plum homebrew. We have drunk the all good stuff, it took some effort but we managed. Still growing...
  14. xylaria

    Wettest place in Britain

    Three months of rain. December January two years ago it rained for 7weeks and most of the rivers burst their banks. This year natural resources wales dredged the tiefi, tawe, towy and the taff and dug up the roads to improve the storm drains. So believe it,or not wales has barely had a problem...
  15. xylaria

    The question has to be asked....

    She is no haggered old munter either. She isn't short of a bob or two. I haven't a clue what anyone would see in Murdock, there is moneyed men if you are that shallow that aren't morally grim or ugly.
  16. xylaria

    Happy Birthday Xylaria

    thanks guys.
  17. xylaria

    Pumpkins, squashs and assorted marrowy type vegetables

    I find most squashes have not great seeds for eating, the pepo maximas have good size seeds (atlantic giant , turban cheese wheel) but the average good eater have seeds too fiddly to bother. For tasteless squashes cubed and fried with lorne sausage or holumi works or curried with a dahl. I have...
  18. xylaria


    i would be a bit suspious where it came from this time of year. The vietnamese stuff I wouldnt trust. It is more or less finshed by the end of august from the salt marshes here. I am a lightly boil then toss in butter one. Good with new potatoes and fresh mussles. Supermarkets should do more...
  19. xylaria

    Privet Hawk Moth

    On three occasions in my last house we got them in the bedrooms. First time the boy woke up screaming and second time I ran out of bed downstairs. Both times the old man says a moth cant be that bad refused to deal them. The third time he half wakes up yelling "helicopter coming in close".
  20. xylaria

    Old age does not come alone...

    Proper stock contains glucosamine and chrondroitin heaps of it, and other glucosamineglycans. The form they are in is very absorbable in the gut. You need to consume it at least twice a week, daily should show a noticible change in joint health.