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  1. Le Loup

    A Woodsrunner's Day Part One.

    I would appreciate some feedback please. If of no interest to anyone, no point in my posting more of these. Regards, Keith.
  2. Le Loup

    Making Camp.

  3. Le Loup

    Making My Bottle Gourd Water Bottle.

  4. Le Loup

    Save money and protect the environment by repurposing your old outdoor gear Don’t let go of your favorite backpack—transform it.

    Most hikers and campers have at least one torn and tattered piece of gear they refuse to let go. Those are the items that tell the stories of what we’ve seen, where we’ve been, and the muddy canyons and thorny bushes we’ve gone through to get there. But just because a beloved jacket or tent has...
  5. Le Loup

    Belt Pouch.

    My belt pouch contains my angling equipment, My fire steel, my tinderbox in my fire bag, & my brass sundial compass. Keith.
  6. Le Loup

    The Knapsack

    I am no good at recommending modern packs, because I don't use one. My knapsack is plain & simple & not very large. I like plain & simple gear, uncomplicated gear. Here you can see I have added my half-age to my blanket roll as I have some heavier cutting work to do on this particular trip...
  7. Le Loup

    Trade Kettle.

    My copy of an 18th century brass trade kettle. I could not find an exact copy of an original, so I bought one & cut it down to size & made & fitted the correct bail lugs. The finished product is what you see above. The kettle & the wooden spoon is all I carry for cooking, I have my knives of...
  8. Le Loup

    Tools of the Trade.

  9. Le Loup

    Making Camp

  10. Le Loup

    What is Tinder & What is Kindling?

    What Is Tinder, & What Is Kindling? What is Tinder, & What is Kindling? Please note that what I am talking about here is traditional materials, materials used in the making of fire with Flint, Steel & Tinderbox. ( I am NOT in any way referring to materials used in the making of fire using...
  11. Le Loup

    Cold Forging 18th Century Fish Hooks.

  12. Le Loup

    Field Preparation of Plant Tinders by Charring. Keith.
  13. Le Loup

    The Joseph Method Of Flint & Steel Fire Lighting. Keith.
  14. Le Loup

    No "charcloth" Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.
  15. Le Loup

    What is Tinder & What is Kindling. Keith.
  16. Le Loup

    No Replies = No More Topic Posts?

    Would I be correct in assuming that if members can't be bothered to reply to a post, then there is no point in posting any more associated material? Let's face it, it is not hard to simply post "good one, thank you for sharing" if one believes the post has some merit or is at least interesting...