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  1. Le Loup

    Home woodland den?

    From my experience Paul having 3 sons, you are better off getting them all their own camping gear & tools, & letting them set up their own camp. Any time they want to go camping, they can just get their gear together & go into the garden. Regards, Keith.
  2. Le Loup

    Tool advice for garden?

    Good day Paul. The tools we use most are a post hole shovel & a mattock. Regards, Keith. Living off grid.
  3. Le Loup

    What’s your go to set-up at the moment?

    The one wool blanket is not that heavy, & the wool clothing is less weight than another blanket. The kindling & firewood I collect from the forest floor. The heaviest item I carry is my water bottle. If I can be of any assistance FB, just ask. There is more information on my blogs...
  4. Le Loup

    What’s your go to set-up at the moment?

    I use a simple oilcloth shelter, I use sticks to keep me off the ground as I do most of my trekking in winter. I lay my pure wool blanket over the pile of sticks. I use my knapsack for a pillow. I find this set up light & efficient & easy to set up. On the trail if I get caught in a rain storm...
  5. Le Loup

    Tent Pegs

    I make my own from wood on site Wander. Keith.
  6. Le Loup

    Heavy rain tarp and fire question

    If it is raining, it is rarely cold enough to warrant a fire, but I do like to have a fire for hot drinks & cooking food. I do not shelter my fire, & get it going & get some heaver wood burning in the hope that it will keep going, but if the rain puts it out, I don't worry about it. My first...
  7. Le Loup

    underground water.. SAFE TO DRINK?

    Spring water should be safe to drink as is, but frankly these days I would boil the water first just to be sure. Keith.
  8. Le Loup

    Absolute Zero - Mine/Craft

    Spear, bow & arrows, animal traps, cordage for securing shelter, I would brain tan animal skins for clothing & carry bags, I would bark tan animal skins to make water bags. Keith.
  9. Le Loup

    Absolute Zero - Mine/Craft

    I would (& have) make a stone tool for shaping the parts of a fire-bow, then I would (& have) make the fire-bow. Keith.
  10. Le Loup

    Most used knots?

    Reef knot & half hitches for shelter construction. Keith.
  11. Le Loup

    Your time to fire(steel)?

    No problem Broch, I can do that. Keith.
  12. Le Loup

    Your time to fire(steel)?

    Yes Broch, you should practice, it should only take seconds to make fire with flint, steel & tinderbox :) Take care & stay safe. Regards, Keith.
  13. Le Loup

    Your time to fire(steel)?

    Chance, are you talking about a real fire steel, or are you talking about a ferocerium rod? Keith.
  14. Le Loup

    Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

    Ideally, this would NOT include fossil fuel powered electricity or gas. Keith.
  15. Le Loup

    Outdoor Toileting Best Practice

    Fair enough Broch, that too I had taken for granted. I suppose city people don't think about these things. Regards, Keith.
  16. Le Loup

    Outdoor Toileting Best Practice

    I am amazed that this has even been raised, this is surely plain common sense. You dig a hole & fill it in afterwards. Keith.
  17. Le Loup

    Cooking Apples - Glut!!

    You could try drying them TeeDee. We dry ours which can be eaten as are dried, or added to pies & deserts. A good way of preserving them with little effort. Regards, Keith.
  18. Le Loup

    Most popular/successful Fire lighting in the UK

    The other advantage of using flint, steel & tinderbox, besides it being sustainable, is that you learn far more about plant & fungi tinders, kindling & rocks. I taught my boys how to use flint, steel & tinderbox when they were about 4 years of age, & they still have their fire-bags. There is...
  19. Le Loup

    Most popular/successful Fire lighting in the UK

    The most sustainable method is flint, steel & tinderbox fire lighting Silverclaws.
  20. Le Loup


    Why do you have to leave this water source? is it going in the wrong direction? I ask because it makes a difference when coming back & trying to find it again. C_Claycomb is correct in regards to blazing a trail with a belt axe or tomahawk, or using rocks or timber to mark your trail. If you...