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  1. DFCA

    Berghaus vs Maxpedition

    I'm thinking of buying a Berghaus Centurio following some good reviews etc. (side pouches, dry bag and prob something to attach to the back like a karrimor omni). My problem is, I would love maxpedition stuff but find myself agreeing with the whole "bolt on" flappy stuff detractors. I'd be...
  2. DFCA

    Oligt Warrior M21 help???

    Well, I knew I should have left well alone, but I didnt and so now I am hoping someone can help me out I have the above mentioned M21 and it came with a luminous tail cap cover thingy. In a fit of madness I decided to change the black one for it. It seemed straight forward enough, unscrew...
  3. DFCA

    Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7

    Hi All, Not sure how many more geeks there are out there in bushcraft land, other than me that is :) I have a brand new, unused, unregistered and still sealed in its packaging copy of Windows 7 Professional (Upgrade) as seen here...
  4. DFCA

    A Question From The Un-Initiated :)

    Forgive my ignorance but, can anyone tell me please what is the use of the "tactical" or otherwise strobe seen on a lot of the more powerful torches. I guess it would be useful as a "help me I am here" functions but I am sure it is not simply that. ATB A Curious Dave
  5. DFCA

    WTD Recreating the 18th Century Hunting Pouch by T. C. Albert

    Just wondering if anyone might have a copy that they are prepared to sell on, going to have to resort to import from the USA if not. Hopefully Dave
  6. DFCA

    Wild Camping and Fishing - Wales

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend anywhere that me and my lad might be able to get in a night of wild camping (for which read - anywhere that isnt a pitch camp site) and some fishing? I dont mind a bit of a trek (I'm based near Newport in South Wales) and dont mind if it were river, lake or...
  7. DFCA

    WTD: Recreating the 18th Century Hunting Pouch and others

    Hi all, Before I have to risk the perils of getting books from the USA through customs and the post office in the UK, I thought I would just see if anyone here has the following books that they might want to part with for a reasonable price. I am after: Recreating the 18th Century...
  8. DFCA

    Possibly daft question about Saami style pouches.

    Having made many leather pouches and bags etc and carried various things in them, I am curious about the Saami style coffee bags. What prevents the smell or taste of leather from imparting itself to the coffee? Do people line them or just like the taste of leathery coffee perhaps? Any...
  9. DFCA

    Reindeer Skin (hide - no fur)

    I would like to make some Saami style coffee and tinder bags but have (for months now) been drawing a blank on finding reindeer hide (preferable naturally tanned). Can anyone point me in the right direction? If anyone has some around they would like to sell or any of our Scandinavian friends...
  10. DFCA

    Help finding a tomahawk?

    Can anyboby point me in the right direction in finding a tomahawk? I know about the gransfors trade axes and the cold steel ones from new but if anyone either has one for sale or knows any other places to source one, I'd be grateful for the information :) ATB Dave
  11. DFCA

    Re-Edging An Axe??

    Hi all, I'm sure that somewhere contained in all of the posts here that there is an answer to my question. I have searched and havent found anything to help me yet. I'm not so great on searching the forum just yet so don't be too harsh on me if I've missed something :) I've recently got...
  12. DFCA

    Is Sycamore Food Safe?

    Forgive me for posting generically and even possibly in the wrong place. I have searched for this in the forums and on google and haven't found anything definate so have decided to ask the wise ;) Have found a trencher in sycamore, unfinished and untreated and just wondered if it would be OK...
  13. DFCA

    Birch Bark

    Hello Chaps, I'm after getting me some birch bark containers and would prefer to make them myself (or have a go at least) As I havent got anywhere to harvest locally, does anyone know of anywhere that sells the stuff? I have seen a couple of places in the States - seems a little excessive...
  14. DFCA


    Hi All, Does anyone have any experience or comments to make regarding the hydropal range. I have the opportunity of a cheap extreme and wondered if they are really any good. All the best Dave
  15. DFCA

    Where to find flint?

    I worry that I am about to bring a whole world of mockery down on my head here but, I'm gonna bite the bullet and go for it .... I am in Monmouthshire (Work in Newport - live nearer Chepstow) and I am wondering where the nearest place might be for me to be able to pick up flint? I'm after some...
  16. DFCA


    Does anyone have any experience with Nordica Heat - see the link below They look the part, they sound good in the description but as they are on the dreaded ebay, I wondered if anyone here has any...
  17. DFCA


  18. DFCA

    Flint and Steels

    Hi Chaps, Can anyone point me in the direction of someone in the UK making good steels? All the best Dave
  19. DFCA

    Veg tanned/Birch tanned reindeer hides?

    Hi again, I seem to keep asking a sligtly different question each time but hopefully I will find what I am after with your help :-) I have seen coffee and flour bags and all sorts made from reindeer hide and really want to do some work with some - in fact I want to have a go at a day bag...
  20. DFCA

    Non Hairy Deerskins

    Hello all, Fairly new to the forum here (posted briefly in the kit chatter section!) so hello to all :-) I used to do my share of leatherwork a few years ago and fancy getting started again. I am after some tanned deerskins and so far my internet searches have only come up with hair on...