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  1. DFCA

    Viking road

    She's called the Bear - owned and operated by Regia Anglorum and towed as such to many locations around the country for static displays, sailing displays and training events for the societies members. I have towed her myself on many occasions over many miles, though the vehicle in the picture...
  2. DFCA

    Milbro Catapult, MOLLE gear in DPM and MTP, AXE, Army Basha, Flint + Striker set.

    Can I take the fire steel please - pm inbound
  3. DFCA

    Mk2 Bilbank Bags

    I'd like one too please :-)
  4. DFCA

    Martindale 22 inch Machete

    I lodge my interest to subject to all the info etc :-)
  5. DFCA

    4000 post comp

    Johnnyboy1971- 00:10 georann - 01:13 BareThrills -02:58 Laro13 - 04:56 Greensurfingbear - 0645 WULF-07.12 Barn Owl - 0726 DFCA - 07:43 swotty - 08:20 mountainm - 10:17 Erro Telcontar - 10:43 bilmo-p5 - 11:19 Mesquite - 12:00 Chiseller - 13:17 Robbi- 13:27 Corso - 13.45 SimonD - 14.32 Hillbill -...
  6. DFCA

    Lowe Alpine Sting Bergen

    These packs are superb, you won't be disappointed, even fits my 6'5" back!
  7. DFCA

    Big clear out Part 1

    I'd be interested in the smaller of the two slicing knives if you decide to split
  8. DFCA

    New troops food.

    They're often slated but invariably tasty. I can think of worse! :) Mmmn, cheese and bacon wraps... Having a homer moment LOL!
  9. DFCA

    Nearly New Tennier Industries USGI Sleeping Bags (2 Sets)

    What are the actual dimensions of the sleeping bag itself? Are these sized like the british bags or just one size?
  10. DFCA

    British Blades Forum - down

    nothing here still, down since last night
  11. DFCA

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    What are the expiry dates on the bandages - do you know?
  12. DFCA

    Duluth Rambler

    What colour is the rambler?
  13. DFCA

    Recycling - Beer cans

    love it - off to the offy to invest ;)
  14. DFCA

    Les Hiddens

    You know - it was Les Hiddens that got me interested in the whole bushcraft thing when I was not much more than a kid. His stuff was completely different to anything else you had seen at the time - pre Mr. Mears or Grylls or anyone else. I used to be engrossed and had a collection on VHS before...
  15. DFCA

    Flint on steel or steel on flint

    If you strike the steel down on the flint - as it is the steel producing the spark, the relative motion of the steel to the flint is actually up - and my sparks go up (and some down too) onto my tinder - I usually mange to get a spark onto the tinder with one strike and I'm away - its just a...
  16. DFCA

    Flint on steel or steel on flint

    Its the way I use charcloth and cramp ball tinder - amadou too - in fact, I dont understand why anyone would do it any other way :-)
  17. DFCA

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Crikey, people really are getting fussy. Unless they are getting intimidated by what they might have to offer?
  18. DFCA

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Consider this a "blimey bump" No-one really wants a set of pans like that for free? Really???
  19. DFCA

    Sweetened Condensed Milk

    I wouldnt want to try to remember how long ago - but no one ever knew and it was a great way to end the "open" part of the day. I've repeated it to much accolade myself on numerous occasions.
  20. DFCA

    Sweetened Condensed Milk

    I'm sure it's this that Wayland (many years ago now) introduced to me left simmering in a cauldron - wrapped in discreet linen - to give the most amazing sugar boost on bread at the end of a hard days re-enacting. If it is, then there is little better to satiate the soul before moving on to a...