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  1. Swallow

    How your (synthetic) clothes are poisoning our Oceans and Food Supply New studies indicate that the fibers in our clothes could be poisoning our waterways and food chain on a massive scale. Microfibers – tiny threads shed from fabric...
  2. Swallow

    Are beards good for your health?

    The BBC say yes
  3. Swallow

    Some Pink Perfume for the Outdoor John in your life

    Victoria’s Secret Perfume Is Almost as Powerful as DEETResearchers were surprised to find that Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume made a decent mosquito repellent. Researchers at New Mexico State University have published findings in the Journal of Insect Science indicating that Victoria’s...
  4. Swallow

    Need an justification to grow long hair or a beard? Try this
  5. Swallow

    Demand for Axes set to Increase - Floyd Mayweather trains by chopping wood

    Floyd Mayweather says returning to Rocky Balboa-style "throwback training" pushed him to the limit ahead of his super-fight against Manny Pacquiao. The unbeaten American meets Pacquiao, 36, in Las Vegas on Saturday in a bout expected to be the richest in history...
  6. Swallow

    What to read to start on Solar?

    So I've mean mean to start building a solar/wind setup for ages now. Starting small & adding as required. Maybe including a 12V circuit in the house or something along those lines. I've also noticed that Maplins have adaptors for running Laptops from 12V and that there is a in-car...
  7. Swallow

    Prepper Song

    Thin Lizzy - The Prepper I am your main man if ya wan’ outta trouble I take no lip no ones got more kit than me I go shoppin’ ‘an I buy double Hey doomsday, keep your hands off me I'm a prepper I'm a prepper I'm a woodsman too baby I'm a prepper Down at the bush meet me and the boys were...
  8. Swallow

    Can an LED Lenser T7 work with rechargeables? & How good are they?

    I've just been unexpectedly gifted a T7 also with the offer of sending it back if it's not the right thing. Rechargables are one of my vices. We have two LED Lenser P5Es in the house and discovered late they won't take (Maplin) rechargeables (which have a lip at the top that prevents them...
  9. Swallow

    Gransfors in short supply?

    I found this "announcement" what do we make of this?
  10. Swallow

    What is the Monkey Sphere?

    This is an article Red linked to some time ago, which explains how almost everything works. This version is one I've edited to suit a Family Audience. (I hope). What is the Monkeysphere? By David Wong "One death is a tragedy. One million deaths is a statistic."...
  11. Swallow

    Are you a Think-aholic? Take the test. jhdqyQ
  12. Swallow

    Karrimor SF gear at reduced prices
  13. Swallow

    The adventures of Lady Swift

    This quote from the Bushcraft Name thread got interesting today. So Lady Swift, as she's now become known, goes to go downstairs and at the the top of stairs finds herself face to face with a stranger... then she realises it's the burglar who turned over 2 doors up while we were at the...
  14. Swallow

    Random Jam on the sidewalk

    blurb Description from Jaime Tatos Maldonado's video on Facebook; 'I was walking to kroger and saw this guy playing a song. It sounded good so I decided to record it. By the end of the song three guys started jamming. This truly is music in its simplest form. It really reminds of the Austin...
  15. Swallow

    South London Pub Meet 1

    Just set up another Central London one for Sir Morfy to aid his recuperation But who is up for a Southern Chapter?
  16. Swallow

    London Pub Meet 23

    As part of his recuperation, see here Morfy would like a pub meet to aid his r&r. Take it away.
  17. Swallow

    MSRs or Tilley lamps that run on diesel?

    Probably candidate for dumb question of the day.... I've seen a few MSR stoves recently and a "tilley" lamp both saying they will run on unleaded (presumably petrol). My wagon is diesel so stoves that run on unleaded don't have much pull for me. I was really young when I used a parafin lamp...
  18. Swallow

    Anyone thought of using downed trees for a Hugelkultur?

    Had barely heard of them before this year when I was given a Sepp Holzer book for Christmas.
  19. Swallow

    Tutorial - Contour Maps for Kids (Indoor)

    I didn't think much about this when I did it, but I mentioned it to someone on here and they seemed taken with it..... so eventually I've got some photos together for a thread. Kit List 1 asymmetrical plasticine hill (a shade over 6 cm tall) 1 board (bread board is fine but maybe cover in...
  20. Swallow

    Les Stroud - Off the Grid

    Kind of like Survivorman V The House that 100K Built. for fans of Les or maybe people interested in off the grid utilities but it is not technical more light infotainment.