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  1. Kepis

    Want to ID a knife

    This one? tekna-wilderness by, on Flickr tekna-edge-tek-1980s-survival-knife-new-and_1_30bb0c74f1f42ec6fe721dab93f974f9 by, on Flickr...
  2. Kepis

    Blades under 50mm

    Here ye go Steve!/Field-Knives/c/26204718!/The-Field-Knife/p/34525849/category=8705023
  3. Kepis

    Getting into Fishing

    Lots of places in the Peak District offering fly fishing courses, you can only learn so much from a book, first hand experience is the best teacher, btw, im a Fishery Manager (Coarse Fishing) but also fly fish now and again on flowing and still waters. One that i found, not affiliated to, just...
  4. Kepis

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 - October Heat

    Harvest Time Harvest by , on Flickr
  5. Kepis

    Woollen blanket problems

    Dryer sheets. I bought a book secondhand and when it arrived it absolutely stank of cigarettes to the point it was stomach churning, i put a packets worth of dryer sheets between the pages and left it for a week or so, nasty smell gone and the book now smells of Roses & Lavender - much more...
  6. Kepis

    BCUK 2020 Photo Competition - September Heat

    Pylon Pylon by Mark Emery, on Flickr
  7. Kepis

    Micarta colour.

    Darker one for me, the lighter one looks like toffee ;-)
  8. Kepis

    Becominga full member?

    Tap the the horizontal lines top left, then tap on your name then tap on your account and scroll down its towards the bottom
  9. Kepis

    Becominga full member?

    Not difficult to find, click on your name (top right on a pc), then click account upgrades
  10. Kepis

    Wanted: ENZO PK70

    Anyone got an Enzo PK70 (Scandi) that they want to move on, ideally micarta or natural scales as opposed to the carbon scaled version. Cheers
  11. Kepis

    Great Customer Service

    A little over a year ago i purchased a pair of Spear & Jackson ratchet secateurs for my mother as she has arthritic hands and was struggling to use standard shears, all of this time they have worked perfectly, until just recently when they just wouldn't cut anything as the ratchet had failed...
  12. Kepis

    The perfect frying pan... suggestions

    I'll second that, i love mine.
  13. Kepis

    Sarenmu Knife wanted
  14. Kepis

    BCUK 2020 Photo Competition - August Heat

    Storms Over Africa Storms Over Africa by Mark Emery, on Flickr Piccie taken from an Ethiopian Airlines B757 on my way home from a trip to Ethiopia.
  15. Kepis

    Trade: Mini Peasant & Rough Rider

    not sure tbh, if you have something in mind just drop me a pm.
  16. Kepis

    Trade: Mini Peasant & Rough Rider

    The clear out continues. First up a Svord Peasant Mini in fiery orange, used but not abused, just cannot for the life of me get on with friction folders DSCN4971 by Mark Emery, on Flickr next up Rough Rider Whittler, again used but not abused, i've removed the swedge on the big blade as i...
  17. Kepis

    BCUK 2020 Photograph Competition June Winner

    Thanks both and thanks to all who voted for my piccie :)
  18. Kepis

    Issues with axe sharpening.

  19. Kepis

    July heat of the 2020 Photograph competition

    Sunset over the lake Tanners by , on Flickr
  20. Kepis

    Google Fu required chaps ....

    no prob