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  1. Melonfish

    Goodbye Windows XP

    XP is still very widely used by many companies, you'd be surprised to find out many cash machines use xp too. heck some still use windows NT4! isn't the end of the world by any means.
  2. Melonfish

    Princess Mononoke

    Didn't some western critic liken it culturaly to the Japanese equivalent of star wars, then get rebuked by a Japanese critic stating it was far more complex? can't seem to see it online. anyways, cracking film, the boar king turning evil really got me a bit. we've got a few of the ghibli films...
  3. Melonfish

    TRITIUM NITE GLOWRING - Always on GITD tag - Beta decay - 9 colours 3 tints

    Hi, mine arrived early this week, cracking little bits of kit these :D thank you muchly
  4. Melonfish

    TRITIUM NITE GLOWRING - Always on GITD tag - Beta decay - 9 colours 3 tints

    sweet, when SWMBO sees me packing my camping kit now she'll ask what i'm up to i can honestly say "i'm testing something" :D
  5. Melonfish

    What to do with...

    in that case, make a saddle for a pig?
  6. Melonfish

    Airsoft what is it?

    yeah i know its what you can prove is your defence isn't it ;) i've seen that one rage on the airsoft forums for months. anyhoo, regarding bio-degradable, most outdoor sites now require you use them, originally they weren't bio at all. you probably won't see restrictions on urban sites as its...
  7. Melonfish

    Airsoft what is it?

    actually that is factually correct. however, i didn't go into the entire UKARA registration scheme as i didn't want to be too long winded and bore people to death ;) a while back phoenix airsoft had a couple of armed response officers in looking around, they were after buying a pistol for their...
  8. Melonfish

    Birch Polymore?

    i'm assuming you mean by rendering it down first? gargling with a whole fungus could be quite disastrous. ;)
  9. Melonfish


    Elder is a cracking wood, great for allsorts of whistles, flutes and even for jokes about taking the pith when you're out with company. it's dad joke territory defo but you know..
  10. Melonfish

    What kind of military Jacket is this?

    you have to set the images to public in google drive dude.
  11. Melonfish

    Airsoft what is it?

    Airsofted for years, grown out of it now tbh, i moved onto bushcraft and didn't go back :D basically airsoft is a mil-sim game of tag similar to paintball but sometimes crossed with tactical situations to add realism. many people make many things out of it. for me it was about a good day out...
  12. Melonfish

    New BCUK Leather badges

    got mine the other day, absolutely cracking stuff. now i just need to think about where to stick em :D
  13. Melonfish

    Tents, two Man, budget of £100. Recommend me one!

    the banshee is a cracking tent but i'd say its more 1 man + dog or 2 skinny men who don't mind spooning type tent.
  14. Melonfish

    Calling all Belgian Army Mk2 Bivy Bag users...

    yeah but kingo's don't feel the cold (according to my old man) Got to say i'm a ground dweller, DD 3 X 3 and the OD mil bivvy, never really had issues, heck i've just dived right into the bivvy before now sans tarp and slept like a baby, got woken up at earlyby some light rain now and again but...
  15. Melonfish

    Cobra weave inches woven to feet unwoven ratio needed

    aye, you don't got far wrong with 1:12. did a large batch for my cubs to have a go and it came out really well. just bodged up some simple lengths ended with a lanyard knot, roughly 6" for the wrist then knocked up a stack of 6ft lengths and it was paracord fun day. some got it, others didn't heh.
  16. Melonfish

    Tutorial Repeat: Waxed leather drinking flask.

    I always loved this tutorial! thanks for posting it again :D
  17. Melonfish

    Best and worst boots you have owned.

    got to say, british army assault boots were the worst. achy feet regardless of overall distance even after i'd broke em in, but the damned souls always came away after a few miles no matter what. silly. best pair so far, would you believe a £33 pair of karrimor orkney 3 boots. got some arch...
  18. Melonfish

    Bovril Cubes...what's going on?

    bovril should be eradicated from existence :pokenest:
  19. Melonfish

    Russian poncho half tent. Can anyone confirm?

    plash-palatka tent coat is what you want to search. they've made these since ww2, they're ok, two make a decent tent. don't get ripped off by specialist dealers, these things sit in warehouses in russia for years and the right connections get things dirt cheap. give dmitry a shout over at...
  20. Melonfish

    How many jackets are too many ?

    there's a very simple mathmatical formula for this. it is N+1 where N is the number of current jackets you own. this assures that no matter the number you own you will always purchase more. :)