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  1. bushcraft_lad

    3000 post competetion

    belzeebob23, 3.1kg hiho9, 7.5 KG Southey 8KG Bushcraft_lad 2.5kg
  2. bushcraft_lad

    The most random things people have done?

    I even acted like i was holding the wheel !
  3. bushcraft_lad

    The most random things people have done?

    Well one night i got hungry so i decided to walk to the nearest McDonald's around 2 mile away when i arrived it was closed but the drive-thru was still open but since i was on foot i was out of luck i then decided id not walked all this way to turn back so i walked thru the drive-thru i got some...
  4. bushcraft_lad

    2k post comp! 0 apj1974 5 Miyagi 45 _scorpio_ 186 bushwacker bob-312 naefearjustbeer 456 Toddy 486 CBJ 548 Wilderbeast 635 John Fenna 720 Andy2112 776 Shewie 864 hiho 964 Bilmo-p5 1203 marooned 1383 Nitrambur 1419 DFCA 1465 Asa Samuel 1,500 aardvarkphil 1702 TeeDee 1765 JonathanD 1822 Mesquite...
  5. bushcraft_lad

    1000th Post Giveaway - "Knock, knock..."

    Knock, Knock Who's there ? Amos Amos who ? A mosquito just bit me I think it keeps with the bushcraft theme Regards
  6. bushcraft_lad

    Baby Foot Knife

    Cant wait to see the finished knife it looks great !
  7. bushcraft_lad

    post 3k comp!

    Southey - 2230 Whittler Kev 22:36 (10:36 pm) Tank - 2300 HTG - 2328 _Scrpio_ - 2330 MartinK9 - 2349 nells55 - 2355 Hiho - 0014 Biker - 0017 Nagual - 0045 CBJ - 0113 Wayland - 01.22 JonathanD - 0130 Slammer187 - 0159 Miyagi - 0210 Mesquite - 0223 JohnC 0245 Drew - 0300 Sanji - 3:30am...
  8. bushcraft_lad

    Woodlore clone

    GONE pending a trade Thanks
  9. bushcraft_lad

    Woodlore clone

    And replied to holding out for a mobile phone at the moment
  10. bushcraft_lad

    Woodlore clone

    Still up for trade :confused:
  11. bushcraft_lad

    Panasonic SDR-S115 camcoder

    Any one ?.....
  12. bushcraft_lad


    Empty your inbox mate Cheers
  13. bushcraft_lad

    Woodlore clone

    Picture up !
  14. bushcraft_lad

    Panasonic SDR-S115 camcoder

    Also up for trade is a Panasonic SDR-S15 in black brand new condition iv used it once to film a bit of Christmas it includes a 4gb SANDISK ultra memory card and a mini-tripod and camera case which did not come with the camera. This is an excellent little camcorder and its is A1 condition they...
  15. bushcraft_lad

    Woodlore clone

    Trade value posted but no luck on pictures yet
  16. bushcraft_lad

    Woodlore clone

    As per the title i have up for trade a woodlore clone knife some spec's Oak handles Blue liners Brass corby bolts and 8mm tube 4mm 01 Tool steel 8mm deep scandi grind with micro secondary bevel Leather sheath made by a member on here Could use a bit of finishing on the handle but im trading...
  17. bushcraft_lad

    Custom Turquoise Necker

    Oh my gosh im totality and utterly lost for word's you crank out some of the most Amazing knife iv ever seen! Well done you Jordan
  18. bushcraft_lad

    01 Steel and some more knife bit's and bob's

    I know iv took a look at there prices and there cheap as anything
  19. bushcraft_lad

    Stretched Carver....

    Ohh my word ! Im lost for word's truly incredible
  20. bushcraft_lad

    01 Steel and some more knife bit's and bob's

    Did a search and no Cromwell tool's near me im afraid !